Photos: Teenage Abortions in China; Statistics show China has the largest number of abortions globally thanks to one child policy and lack of sex education to Chinese teenagers

Teenage abortion,Teen abortion in China

Official statistics released in 2008 show that China has the largest number of abortions in the world thanks to the one child policy. But scholars are pointing to a new factor: teenagers and young women under the age of 25, who contribute six million abortions anually due to lack of adequate sex education... Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 22, 2012 AM | Related China Pictures:Teenage abortion

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Lu Jiali

Sexy Chinese model Lu Jiali is the most beautiful mistress of officials in eyes of Chinese netizens

Sexy Chinese model Lu Jiali was one of the most famous mistresses of China. She was a shared mistress to several senior party officials in Shanghai from 2002 to 2006. Lu Jiali has been recently voted as the most beautiful mistress to corrupt officials. Read More

Sexy China | Dec 21, 2012 PM | Related:Lu Jiali

Chen Guangbiao

Controversial Chinese philanthropist Chen Guangbiao showcases money hill stacked with 100 million RMB to inspire invention and innovation

Shortly after a group of pictures showcasing a money hill get public attention, Chinese tycoon and controversial philanthropist Chen Guangbiao received interview, saying that the money hill was worth 100 million RMB and he would lash out 230 million RMB to encourage invention and innovation among Chinese youths. Read More

Chinese People | Dec 21, 2012 AM | Related:Chen Guangbiao

Boys' dumpster death

Warning on dumpster: 'Entry forbidden for humans and animals, Violators at their own risk', as response of Chinese officials to the five boys' dumpster death last month in Guizhou

One month after the five boys' dumpster death tragedy, officials in Bijie of Guizhou attribute the children's death to the street dumpsters and take counter measure: paint warnings on all the street dumpsters: 'Entry forbidden for humans and animals; violators are at their own risk.' Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 20, 2012 AM | Related:Boys' dumpster death

Child abuse

Poor Chinese primary school child was slapped by his teacher for not finishing homework, then by 50 classmates in turn, ordered by the teacher

Just because Little Ming had not finished his homework in time, his teacher surnamed Luo was enraged and boxed his ears, but Luo would not stop, she ordered all the 50 child students to take turns at slapping Little Ming heavily in the face. The picture of black-and-blue-faced Little Ming has drawn public indignation. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 19, 2012 AM | Related:Child abuse

Education through dumping rubbish

Middle school headmaster dumps a trash bin of rubbish over head of girl student to punish her eating snacks during class, draws protest from the students

Chinese middle school students in Zhejiang province revolt and demand an apology from their headmaster Zhou who showed his way of education through dumping rubbish by pouring a trash bin of waste out over head of the girl student suspected to have eaten snacks during class. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 18, 2012 AM | Related:Education through dumping rubbish

Taiyuan nail grave

Update on Taiyuan nail grave standing in middle of a construction site: moved away as grave owner agrees to accept compensation of 800 RMB

The Taiyuan nail grave that has aroused grobal attention has been moved away, as the Longbao village committee agrees to rent a plot of land to the nail tomb owner, in addition to the standard compensation of 800 RMB Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 18, 2012 AM | Related:Taiyuan nail grave

Child beggar

Chinese child beggar kneels down begging in front of shops, accompanied by pet horse and dog

A resident from Ezhou city of Hubei province surnamed Wang told the local newspaper (Hubei Times) that he saw a child beggar begging along a street and what surprised him was that the little girl led a tall horse, on the back of which stood a dog. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 16, 2012 AM | Related:Child beggar

Liu Lianzi

Liu Lianzi: Most talented Chinese female writer and China's post-1980 generation pioneer author

Liu Lianzi, born 1984 in Huzhou of Zhejiang province, is the penname of Wu Xuelan, a rising and highly popular Chinese female writer. Liu Lianzi came to fame for her book Inner Palace: Legend of Zhen Huan. Liu Lianzi has been called the post-1980 generation pioneer author considering her young age and great achievements. Read More

Sexy China | Dec 13, 2012 AM | Related:Liu Lianzi

Charity sales

Former Chinese official of statistical bureau accuses foreign missions conducting charity sales in China as shameless, refuted by Belgian consulate, condemned by Chinese netizens

He Keng, former Chinese chief of statistical bureau accuses foreign missions conducting charity sales in China as shameless. Belgian consulate responds they have nothing to be ashamed of and Chinese netizens overwhelmingly condemn the remark from the top Chinese official. Read More

Chinese People | Dec 10, 2012 AM | Related:Charity sales

Shaanxi petitioners

Shaanxi petitioners kneeling to ask for help from deputies to people's congress detained for disturbing travelling of the deputies

Shaanxi petitioners that tried to let their grievances over disputed land seizure and insufficient compensation heard by deputies of people's congress through kneeling in middle of the road and blocking the way were detained and sent to detention center for disturbing transportation. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 9, 2012 AM | Related:Shaanxi petitioners

Urban white collars

Survey shows 70 percent Chinese youths not sexually happy, half of urban Chinese white collars have sex fewer than once per month

A recent survey shows the health conditions of Chinese urban white collars are not optimistic. According to the survey, 70% urban white collars are not sexually happy due to high pressuren. Half Chinese youths have sex frequency of fewer than once per month. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 8, 2012 AM | Related:Urban white collars

Nail tomb

After nail house, China sees most awesome nail tomb standing like an island in middle of a construction site

The news report that Taiyuan sees a most awesome nail tomb on Thursday afternoon draws intense attention from Chinese netizens as soon as it gets online. The owner of the nail grave, standing alone in middle of a construction site, denied the allegation that he received 1 million RMB as compensation for relocating the grave. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 6, 2012 AM | Related:Nail tomb

Image project

Poor Chinese county builds roadside wall for glossing over shabby farmhouses along national highway, criticized as image project

Poor Chinese county Zhangxian of Gansu province builds roadside wall for glossing over shabbiness of the farmhouses along national highway. villagers, calling it an image project, are puzzled with safety concern since road gets narrower. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 3, 2012 AM | Related:Image project

Cultural Revolution

China's first Cultural Revolution Museum brought about by former party official and victim of Cultural Revolution in Shantou of Guangdong

Former official and Cultural Revolution survivor Peng Qi An brings about China's first Cultural Revolution Museum in Chenghai of Shantou city in Guangdong dedicated to commemorating its millions vicitims of China. Lang term aim of Peng Qian is to transform the Cultural Revolution Museum in Tayuan Garden to a patriotic education base. Read More

Chinese History | Dec 2, 2012 AM | Related:Cultural Revolution

Nail house

Zhejiang 'most awesome nail house' demolished, as householder agrees to accept official defined compensation and vacates his home at night

'Zhejiang most awesome nail house' standing in middle road, which has been called the symbol of Chinese resistence against forced demolition of their properties, was demolished on Saturday, as duck farmer signs relocation agreement and vacates his middle road house at night. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 2, 2012 AM | Related:Nail house

Nail householders

Nail householders: Symbol of Chinese resistence against forced demolition of their home; A Collection of the most high-profile nail houses of China

Property owners in China that refuse to move to make way for development are known as Nail Householders. The name Nail Householders or nail houses were originally derogatively branded by the developer and government alliance, but now they are hailed by Chinese as grassroot forefront fighter for civil rights. Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 28, 2012 AM | Related:Nail householders

Gender discrimination

Chinese college girls perform action art, protesting against gynecological exam and gender discrimination in civil service examination

On November 26, a group of Chinese college girls performed action art in Wuhan of Hubei Province, protesting against gynecological exam and gender discrimination in national civil service examination. Read More

Chinese Art | Nov 26, 2012 AM | Related:Gender discrimination

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping: From 'sent-down youth' to China's top leader and core of the fifth generation of Chinese collective leadership for the coming decade (2013-2022)

Xi Jinping (习近平) is the new top leader of China. He was appointed as general secretary of CPC at the 18th Party Congress, chairman of the Central Military Commission and will be Chinese president in March 2013. Xi Jingping, son of the veteran revolutionary hero Xi Zhongxun, married Chinese folk song singer Peng Liyuan and they have a daughter called Xi Mingze. Read More

Chinese People | Nov 11, 2012 AM | Related:Xi Jinping

Guiyang Auto Culture Festival

NSFW: Kissing crocodile, swallowing snake head, topless Chinese auto model plays frightening games with dangerous animals at 2012 Guiyang Auto Culture Festival

NSFW: Chinese auto maker hires topless Chinese auto model kisses crocodile and swallows snake head to boost media coverage and draw visitors at 2012 Guiyang Auto Culture Festival (simply Guiyang Auto Show). Read More

Sexy China | Nov 10, 2012 AM | Related:Guiyang Auto Culture Festival

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