Guangxi 'cave dwellers' reluctant to go back home, or do they have a home anyway?

Cave dweller,Live in cave

Four old men living in mountain caves in Laibin city in Guangxi reluctant to go home even though relief station officials urge them.... Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 12, 2014 AM | Related China Pictures:Cave dweller

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Gold lingerie

Sexy lingerie model shows off flashy 5-million-yuan lingerie made entirely of 3 kilograms of gold in Wuhan

A jewelry shop in Wuhan unveiled an extraordinary set of flashy underwear that is made entirely of 3 kilograms of gold and is worth 5 million yuan. Read More

Sexy China | Jan 12, 2014 AM | Related:Gold lingerie

Hang hair to study

Pictures of hardworking college girl hanging hair to clothes dryer to keep awake go viral in China; More examples emerge online

Pictures of a college girl from Fuzhou tying her hair to clothes hanger to keep focused during all-nighter study go viral in China and have sparked an internet meme. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 10, 2014 PM | Related:Hang hair to study


Changsha 'bath & sauna center' puts up 54 posters of scantily clad girls on outer wall to attract clients because only fitness service is provided within the 5-storey building

A 'bath & sauna center' in Changsha hang up more than 50 posters of sexy girls on the outer wall of its 5-storey building to attract clients. Read More

Sexy China | Jan 10, 2014 AM | Related:Bathhouse

Counterfeit brand

This shopping street in Wuxi has a cluster of counterfeit brands based on some of the world's most famous

A shopping street in Wuxi, Jiangsu province is lined with a cornucopia of counterfeit brands from H&N, Zare, Hugo BGSS, SFFCCCKS coffee, to 中国中商银行 (ICBC knock-off). Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 8, 2014 AM | Related:Counterfeit brand

Separate boys and girls

Inner Mongolia middle school separates boys and girls when they have meal in school canteen

A middle school in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, has sparked widespread discontent for separating boys and girls when they have meal in school canteen. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 7, 2014 AM | Related:Separate boys and girls

Sexy girl

Sexy post 1990s girl wearing scanty two-piece costume volunteers to help commuters buying ticket on automat in Guangzhou subway

Zhang Xin’er, a sexy post 1990s girl wearing scanty two-piece costume was spotted volunteering to help passengers buying ticket on automat in Guangzhou subway on January 5th, 2014. Read More

Sexy China | Jan 6, 2014 AM | Related:Sexy girl

Gutter oil

Xi'an officials close down gutter oil refining workshop concealed in pig farm

Law enforcement officers has closed down a gutter oil producing workshop run by a pig farmer in Xi’an, Shaanxi province. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 6, 2014 AM | Related:Gutter oil

Unpaid wages

Typical China phenomenon at year's end: migrant workers threaten to jump off building in protest over unpaid wages in Lanzhou

Six migrant workers threatened to jump off the roof of a nine-storey building in Lanzhou as a protest over their unpaid wages of 240 thousand yuan. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 5, 2014 AM | Related:Unpaid wages

Half demolished

It is dangerous to live in these half demolished houses, but residents in Nanning have no choice

Previous forced demolition of buildings on both sides of the Changgang Road have left two lines of half demolished buildings, presenting a bizarre landscape of dangerous buildings in Nanning. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 4, 2014 PM | Related:Half demolished


Wuxi court parades recalcitrant businessmen and individuals refusing to implement court verdict on large screen of shopping center

Wuxi court publicized portraits of businessmen and individuals who refused to implement court verdicts on large advertising screen of a shopping center, sparking controversy. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 29, 2013 AM | Related:Parade

Nail house

This nail house in Qingdao stands like a lone island in middle of a construction site

A nail house standing on a mound in middle of a construction site in Qingdao has drawn nationwide attention on Christmas Day. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 25, 2013 AM | Related:Nail house

Body painting

Beautiful models strip themselves naked in public for body painting action art performance at ceramics exhibition in Shandong

Naked female models appeared at the 8th International Ceramics Exhibition held in Zibo city, Shandong province. Read More

Sexy China | Dec 21, 2013 AM | Related:Body painting

Street advertisement

Typical street view in China: that is too many advertisements on this pedestrian bridge in Harbin

An pedestrian overpass in Harbin is covered with advertising banners, flyers and stickers. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 9, 2013 AM | Related:Street advertisement

Uncut banknote

Generous Tianjin parents give 99 rolls of uncut bills worth 10 million yuan as part of the dowry to their daughter ahead of lavish wedding

Tianjin billionaire married off his daughter with a gigantic dowry including 99 rolls of uncut banknotes, real estate properties, and luxury limousines. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 8, 2013 AM | Related:Uncut banknote

Pole dance

Sexy model performs pole dance at Chongqing motor show, drawing large crowd of audience

A Peugoet car exhibitor at Chongqing Motor Show hired hot models to perform pole dance to draw spectators and media attention and it succeded,Dec. 7, 2013. Read More

Sexy China | Dec 8, 2013 AM | Related:Pole dance


Beautiful models wear marks for outdoor catwalk at Nanjing jewelry fashion show due to heavy smog

Models wore mask to walk catwalk on T-stage at a jewelry fashion show held in Nanjing on December 6, 2013, to protect them from hazardous smog. Read More

Sexy China | Dec 7, 2013 PM | Related:Mask

Feed people smog

'Feed people smog' becomes new buzzword in China as severe air pollution turns Shanghai, the 'demon capital' of China into 'smog capital'

'Feed people smog', a homophone for the Chinese political jargon 'serve the people', has gone viral on Chinese social media, as heavy smog engulfed Shanghai and surrounding provinces. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 7, 2013 AM | Related:Feed people smog

Well dweller

Beijing officials hate marginalized people living in wells, seal them off with concrete

Impoverished Beijing dwellers living in wells for years had expected for improvement of their living conditions after media reports, only to find they lose the last shelters overnight as officials rushed to seal them up with concrete. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 6, 2013 PM | Related:Well dweller


Do USA and Japan over-react to the newly announced Air Defense Identification Zone of China; Check the map: ADIZ of China VS that of Japan

As US and Japan express concern over the recently announced Air Defense Identification Zone of China which includes the Diaoyu/Sinkaku Islands and part of the East China Sea, Chinese netizens are applauding the move. Read More

Taiwan | Nov 26, 2013 AM | Related:ADIZ

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