Beautiful Chinese actress Huo Siyan

Huo Siyan,Chinese actress

Huo Siyan (Chinese: 霍思燕) is a first-class beautiful Chinese actress. Huo Siyan was born on October 23rd, 1981 in Beijing. Her film debut was My Name Is Fame in 2006 and many of her TV series including Xi'an Incident, the Last Princess etc. have the highest ratings in mainland China.... Read More

Sexy China | Jul 18, 2012 AM | Related China Pictures:Huo Siyan

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Celia Kwok

Sexy Hong Kong young model Celia Kwok (Guo Ying Er)

Celia Kwok is a sexy Hong Kong young model. Although she joined the entertaiment industry as a young model just several month ago, her hot figure, sexy body, 33C boobs help her in gaining remarkable popularity throughout Hong Kong and mainland China. Read More

Sexy China | Jul 17, 2012 AM | Related:Celia Kwok

Wu Xi'er

Sexy Chinese auto model Wu Xi Er,nicknamed Gan Lulu No.2,or Wet Lulu

22 years old Wu Xi Er (or Wu Xi'er) is a rising but controversial Chinese auto model. Wu Xi'er created a commotion on the 16th Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macau International Auto Show when she wore almost nothing. She has been called by Chinese netizens as Gan Lulu No. 2 or Wet Lulu. Read More

Sexy China | Jul 16, 2012 AM | Related:Wu Xi'er

Concrete cones

Guangzhou Officials have concrete cones densely erected under viaducts to drive away tramps

Recently a report saying Guangzhou officials have contrete cones densely erected under viaducts to drive away homeless wanderers has caused controversy among Chinese netizens. Read More

Chinese Society | Jul 3, 2012 AM | Related:Concrete cones

Kung Fu Master

Chinnese folk Kung Fu master rises to fame, attracting foreign students all over the world

63 years old Beijing farmer and folk Kung Fu master Chen Fusheng launched Beijing Fusheng International Wushu Club in 2008. So far he has taught more than 100 foreign students coming from 23 countries. Read More

Chinese Art | Jun 30, 2012 AM | Related:Kung Fu Master

Family planning

Shaanxi forced abortion victim branded traitor of China for being interviewed by foreign media

According to a weibo report, local officials in Shaanxi Province held up banners describing Feng Jianmei's family as traitor of China for being interviewed by foreign media. In early June local officials forced Feng to abort baby at 7 months for not paying fine of RMB40000. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 24, 2012 PM | Related:Family planning

Chinese actress

Cute Chinese actress and rising star Sun Feifei

Sun Feifei (孙菲菲) is a Chinese actress from Shaanxi Province and a rising star. Sun Fei Fei graduated from Beijing Dance Academy. She was involved in 2011 red carpet wardrobe malfunction incident, in which she seemingly deliberately exposed her breasts. Read More

Sexy China | Jun 22, 2012 AM | Related:Chinese actress

Dog lover

Chinese dog lovers knelt in dog meat market,pushing against eating dog

A group of Chinese dog lovers leaded by Chinese action artist Pian Shan Kong came to a dog meat market in Yulin City of Guangxi campaigning against eating dog. Pian Shan Kong even knelt down in front of the dead dogs in the market, confessing sins and apologizing to the dogs. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 21, 2012 PM | Related:Dog lover

Nude Run

Naked running of university graduates sparks controversy

Several graduates from a university in Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province recently stripped off their clothes and streaked or nude run around the campus. The naked running of the graduates immediately draws nationwide attention. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 17, 2012 AM | Related:Nude Run

Nude model

Nude model appears in oil painting exhibition held in Dongguan

During an oil painting exhibition held in Dongguan, Chinese artist Yang Linchuan asked the model to appear nude in front of the oil painting Green Apple. The oil painting and nude model drew a large crowd of onlookers. Read More

Chinese Art | Jun 16, 2012 PM | Related:Nude model

propaganda banners

Chinese officials hang up propaganda banners intimidating farmers not to burn wheat stubbles

Recently, officials of Henan Province hung up more than a dozen propaganda banners on roadside from Shangqiu City to Yongcheng City warning local farmers not to burn wheat stubbles. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 16, 2012 PM | Related:propaganda banners

Family planning

Chinese officials forced woman to abort baby at 7 months for not paying fine of RMB40000

Seven-month pregnant mother Feng Jianmei in China was recently beaten by family planning officials and forced to abort her unborn daughter when her family could not afford RMB40000 fine. A graphic image of the aborted baby lying next to the mother has been posted on the Web and aroused indignation from the public. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 14, 2012 AM | Related:Family planning

Sex change

84 years old retiree has his gender reassigned,breasts augmented and wears women's clothing

84 years old retired high ranking cadre Qian Jinfan from Foshan City of Guangdong has his gender reassigned, breast augmented and wears women's clothing. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 13, 2012 AM | Related:Sex change

Euro 2012

Bikini hostess shows up to preside Euro 2012 program on Guangdong TV

In order to get attention from Chinese to its Euro 2012 program and increase its audience rating, the sports chanel of Guangdong TV Group hired sexy bikini hostess to preside the Europe weather broadcasting. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 11, 2012 AM | Related:Euro 2012

Tired Chinese

Tired Chinese have learned to sleep wherever and whenever it is convenient

In the eyes of the world, Chinese seem to be always working and do not know what is weary. Actually, Chinese people have got used to the bustle and hustle in cities and learned to sleep wherever and whenever it is convenient. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 9, 2012 AM | Related:Tired Chinese

Housebreaking theft

Nanning police solved 10m yuan housebreaking theft case

Nanning police solved a housebreaking theft case that took place in February 2012, in which things worth at least 10 million yuan were stolen from one house. Chinese netizens suspect that the house owner was a corrupted official. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 6, 2012 AM | Related:Housebreaking theft


Renowned Chinese writer Bingxin's tombstone tarnished by her grandson

Tombstone of famous Chinese writer Bing Xin was recently tarnished by her grandson, Wu Shan, with red paint-written graffiti complaining the couple, Bing Xin and her husband Wu Wenzao, for 'educating the son (referring to Wu Shan’s father Wu Ping) in an improper way.' Read More

Chinese People | Jun 5, 2012 AM | Related:Bingxin

Organ trafficking

China crashes kidney trafficking ring in Hangzhou

Hangzhou police has crashed an illegal human kidney trafficking ring in a residential complex. Those living in the so called kidney trafficking base are mostly young men who were either in debt or wanted to earn quick money. At present the kidney trafficking base has as many as 30 young men waiting to sell their kidney. The price of a kidney is defined nationwide 35,000 RMB. Read More

Chinese Society | May 29, 2012 AM | Related:Organ trafficking

Pole dance contest

Beijing held pole dance contest in Hilton Hotel

May 27 the 4th Yidaba Pole Dance Contest took place in a Beijing Hilton Hotel. Yidaba is a high-class night club of Hilton Group, where Beijing residents, especially celebrities come to get acquainted with other artists, singers, businessmen and politicians and thus enlarge their social network. Read More

Chinese Art | May 29, 2012 AM | Related:Pole dance contest

Zhu Zhu

Sexy Chinese actress and hostess Zhu Zhu

Zhu Zhu is a bilingual Chinese actress and TV hostess who got her start as a host for MTV China. Zhu Zhu has relationship with Lapo Elkann,one of the heirs to the Agnelli family empire which owns automobile giant Fiat and Italian football club Juventus. Read More

Sexy China | May 26, 2012 AM | Related:Zhu Zhu

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