Controversial sexy Chinese model Linda Sun Jingya: a cute, pure and lovely young model or a highly paid Green Tea Bitch?

Sun Jingya,Linda Sun

Linda Sun Jingya (Chinese: 孙静雅) is a Chinese artist, young model and a rising celebrity. She has earned some nicknames as Little Li Xiaolu (小李小璐), but her alleged participation in a sex orgy during the Hainan Rendezvous event ruined her fame and she was since nicknamed as green tea bitch. ... Read More

Sexy China | Apr 5, 2013 PM | Related China Pictures:Sun Jingya

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Ai Shangzhen

Sexy Chinese super model Ai Shangzhen - goddess of Korean soccer star Kim Young Gwon

Ai Shang Zhen (Chinese:艾尚真) is a famous Chinese supermodel, singer, actress and TV hostess from Chongqing. Originally named Xu Meng (徐萌), Ai Shangzhen has a stunning height of 180cm and perfect measurements of 90-60-90 and has been called the number one golden raio model of China since 2012. Read More

Sexy China | Mar 23, 2013 AM | Related:Ai Shangzhen

Gong Yuefei

Sexy Chinese young model Gong Yuefei stars as legendary ancient Chinese erotic beauty Pan Jinlian in 3D movie New Jin Ping Mei

Sexy Chinese young model and actress Gong Yuefei stars as legendary ancient Chinese erotic beauty Pan Jinlian in 3D static movie New Jin Ping Mei (or The Plum in the Golden Vase, 金瓶梅) which is to release in early 2013. Read More

Sexy China | Jan 12, 2013 AM | Related:Gong Yuefei

Celia Kwok

Sexy Hong Kong young model Celia Kwok (Guo Ying Er)

Celia Kwok is a sexy Hong Kong young model. Although she joined the entertaiment industry as a young model just several month ago, her hot figure, sexy body, 33C boobs help her in gaining remarkable popularity throughout Hong Kong and mainland China. Read More

Sexy China | Jul 17, 2012 AM | Related:Celia Kwok

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