Xinhua publishes profile of Xi Jinping, including his old pictures, information about his early life and family members, hailing him as a man of the people, statesman of vision

Xi Jinping,Profile of Xi Jinping

Xinhua published a detailed profile of Chinese new top leader on Sunday. The profile of Xi Jinping is accompanied with some rarely seen old pictures of him, of his family members including his wife Peng Liyuan, his daughter Xi Mingze, his father Xi Zhongxun and his mother Qi Xin.... Read More

Chinese People | Dec 24, 2012 AM | Related China Pictures:Xi Jinping

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Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping: From 'sent-down youth' to China's top leader and core of the fifth generation of Chinese collective leadership for the coming decade (2013-2022)

Xi Jinping (习近平) is the new top leader of China. He was appointed as general secretary of CPC at the 18th Party Congress, chairman of the Central Military Commission and will be Chinese president in March 2013. Xi Jingping, son of the veteran revolutionary hero Xi Zhongxun, married Chinese folk song singer Peng Liyuan and they have a daughter called Xi Mingze. Read More

Chinese People | Nov 11, 2012 AM | Related:Xi Jinping

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