Xi'an officials close down gutter oil refining workshop concealed in pig farm

Gutter oil,Hogwash

Law enforcement officers has closed down a gutter oil producing workshop run by a pig farmer in Xi’an, Shaanxi province.... Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 6, 2014 AM | Related China Pictures:Gutter oil

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Fasten with rope

Chinese man fastens his 8 year old sick son with rope

A predicap taxi driver, Du Jianming (杜建民) from Xi'an, capital city of northwestern Shaanxi Province, fastened his eight year old son to his taxi. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 11, 2011 AM | Related:Fasten with rope

Kissing competition

Kissing Competition in Xian

The sight of dozens of shoppers passionately kissing each other in a mall would be surprising in any country especially in China. But that’s exactly what bemused shoppers stumbled Read More

Chinese People | Dec 5, 2010 AM | Related:Kissing competition

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