Beijing officials hate marginalized people living in wells, seal them off with concrete

Well dweller,Well home

Impoverished Beijing dwellers living in wells for years had expected for improvement of their living conditions after media reports, only to find they lose the last shelters overnight as officials rushed to seal them up with concrete.... Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 6, 2013 PM | Related China Pictures:Well dweller

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Human snail

Guangxi man carries a 60-kg-heavy house every day on his 5-year-long journey back home on foot that is hundreds kilometers away

It takes 38-year old Guangxi migrant worker Liu Lingchao 5 years to walk back home from Guangdong that is around 400 kilometers away. To save money for accommodation, Mr. Liu carried his 60-kg-heavy movable house every day with him as he moves from one city to another. Read More

Chinese Society | May 24, 2013 AM | Related:Human snail

Snail house

Home in toilet: Poor Chinese migrant worker family of prosperous Guangzhou City have lived in tiny public toilet for years

A Chinese migrant worker couple working as city sanitation workers in Guangzhou City have lived with their son in the public toilet for 9 years, which they clean everyday. The reason is simply to save money and that their child is able to attend public school. Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 1, 2012 AM | Related:Snail house

Snail apartment

Smallest snail apartment of China: Mother and son crowd in 1-meter-wide building hole in Guiyang

Chinese Mother and son crowd in 1-meter-wide building hole in Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou Province. Local residents call the hole the smallest snail apartment of China. Read More

Chinese Society | Oct 24, 2012 AM | Related:Snail apartment

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