Sexy lingerie model shows off flashy 5-million-yuan lingerie made entirely of 3 kilograms of gold in Wuhan

Gold lingerie,Lingerie model

A jewelry shop in Wuhan unveiled an extraordinary set of flashy underwear that is made entirely of 3 kilograms of gold and is worth 5 million yuan.... Read More

Sexy China | Jan 12, 2014 AM | Related China Pictures:Gold lingerie

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Beijing Auto Show

Sexy Models,Not Automobiles,Stir Excitement at 2012 Beijing Auto Show

Though a total of 1,125 cars are on display at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, many Chinese netizens said they enjoyed a ‘breast show’ rather than a car exhibition after pictures featuring nearly topless models circulated online. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 29, 2012 PM | Related:Beijing Auto Show

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