A fleet of Lincoln limousines hired for luxious funeral

Luxurious funeral,Wenling

A fleet of Lincoln limousines are seen during a funeral in Wenling, East China's Zhejiang province, March 4, 2011. Insiders said a local entrepreneur wanted to give his mother an e... Read More

Chinese Society | Mar 5, 2011 AM | Related China Pictures:Luxurious funeral

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Dreamlike secenery Jiuzhaigou Valley

Jiuzhaigou National Park (Chinese: 九寨沟,literally 'Nine Village Valley') is a nature reserve in the north of Sichuan Province in Southwest China. It is known for its many multi-level waterfalls and colorful lakes. Jiuzhai Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read More

China Scenery | Dec 5, 2010 AM | Related:Jiuzhaigou


China's Hawaii Sanya in Hainan Province

Dubbed as China's Hawaii, Sanya (Chinese: 三亚), located in southern Hainan province of China, is a noted tourist resort with mountains, sea, beach, river and city. Sanya is also the southernmost city in China. Read More

China Scenery | Dec 5, 2010 AM | Related:Sanya

Kissing competition

Kissing Competition in Xian

The sight of dozens of shoppers passionately kissing each other in a mall would be surprising in any country especially in China. But that’s exactly what bemused shoppers stumbled Read More

Chinese People | Dec 5, 2010 AM | Related:Kissing competition


Advertisements in Shanghai under ROC

Quilt advertisement on streets of Shanghai in 1948. Shanghai was the biggest city and commercial center in far east in 1930s and 1940s. In late 1949, Chinese communist party occupi Read More

Chinese History | Dec 4, 2010 AM | Related:Shanghai

Cancer village

Cancer village Shangba - village of death

Shangba (Chinese: 上坝) is an agricultural village in Guangdong. Recently, the village has come to be known as China's 'Village of Death' among the hundreds of cancer villages in China due to the extremely high incidence of cancer in its population. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 4, 2010 AM | Related:Cancer village

Pollution in China

Pollution in China - Appalling photos

Various forms of pollution (especially air pollution and water pollution) have increased as China is being industrialized. Although China has taken some action, overall the situation keeps deteriorating. Here are some appalling photos showing the heavy pollution in China. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 3, 2010 AM | Related:Pollution in China

Kitty Zhang

Sexy Chinese actress Kitty Zhang Yuqi

Sexy Chinese actress Kitty Zhang Yuqi (Chinese name: 张雨绮;Birthdate: August 8, 1986; Birthplace: Shandong, China;Height: 170cm) is a rising star in Hong Kong and mainland China. Read More

Sexy China | Dec 3, 2010 AM | Related:Kitty Zhang

Meng Qian

Sexy Chinese actress, hostess and soccer babe Meng Qian

Sexy Chinese actress and hostess Meng Qian (Chinese:孟茜) was born September 9, 1984 in Heze city of Shandong province;'With a reported bust of 38C, Meng Qian is often linked to Hong Kong star Chow Yun Fat as his goddaughter. Read More

Sexy China | Dec 2, 2010 AM | Related:Meng Qian

Capsule Apartment

Man builds egg shaped dwelling in Beijing as his home

November 30,2010,Beijing - Dai Haifei (戴海飞), 24 years old form Hunan province, while being unable to afford renting, not to mention buying an apartment in Beijing, built and placed an egg shaped small house in a courtyard in Beijing, as his home. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 2, 2010 AM | Related:Capsule Apartment

Beauty contest

Beautiful girls walk runway for recruiting CEOs

November 27,2010,Chengdu - 40 beautiful young girls walked the runway and had dinner with CEOs at a hotel in Chengdu. They were not models nor in a beauty pageant, but applying for Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 1, 2010 PM | Related:Beauty contest

AIDS Orphan

6-year-old AIDS orphan lives alone in Guangxi

November 16, 2010, Niucheping Village, Liuzhou, Guangxi - Six-year-old A-Long has AIDS and lives alone in a hut up on a hilltop. His new blanket was given to him by a kind-hearted Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 29, 2010 AM | Related:AIDS Orphan

Chinese celebrities

Sexy Chinese Actress Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing (Chinese: 李冰冰) is a Chinese actress and singer born on Feb 27,1973 in Harbin of Heilongjiang Province. Having been active in her acting career since 1994, Li has steadily achieved success in both television and film. Read More

Sexy China | Nov 28, 2010 AM | Related:Chinese celebrities

Chinese celebrities

Taiwan hostess Dee Hsu Xu Xidi 徐熙娣

Dee Hsu (Chinese: 徐熙娣;more commonly known as Little S (Xiao S, 小S) to fans) is an actress, singer and top TV Hostess in the Republic of China (Taiwan). She is most well known for her role in hosting the TV program KangXi Lai Le which airs on Chung T'ien Television with fellow host Kevin Tsai. Read More

Sexy China | Nov 28, 2010 AM | Related:Chinese celebrities

Chinese celebrities

Taiwanese Actress and Singer Barbie Hsu Xu Xiyuan

Barbie Hsu (Chinese: 徐熙媛; born October 6, 1976), also known as Dà S (大S) to fans, is a Taiwanese actress and singer. She is most well known for her role in Taiwanese dramas, especially Meteor Garden, a Japanese manga adaptation that propelled her to fame. Read More

Sexy China | Nov 28, 2010 AM | Related:Chinese celebrities

Chinese Actress

Chinese actress and rising star Bobo Gan Tingting

Bobo Gan Tingting is a popular Chinese actress and rising star in entertainment circle across Eastasia. Gan Ting Ting became a hot topic among Chinese movie fans in 2010 when she played the adulterous Pan Jinlian 潘金莲 in All Men are Brothers or Water Margin 水浒传. Read More

Sexy China | Nov 27, 2010 PM | Related:Chinese Actress

Chinese Actress

Chinese actress Qin Lan

Qin Lan 秦岚 from Liaoning Province is a famous TV and movie actress, the leading Chinese actress in the award winning movie Nanjing!Nanjing! Qin Lan is known as an independent female full of elegancy and energy. She is praised as the 'China’s Sophie Marceau'. Read More

Sexy China | Nov 27, 2010 PM | Related:Chinese Actress

Chinese Actress

Sexy Chinese actress Kong Wei

Chinese actress Kong Wei, nicknamed as China's Julia Roberts, entered Beijing Film Academy in 1996 and her classmates included Chinese super movie stars Zhao Wei(赵薇) and Chen Kun(陈坤) . Kong Wei played roles in movies Life Change《命运呼叫转移》, Sun rises up as usual《太阳照常升起》, Fashion Gentleman 《时尚先生》etc.. Read More

Sexy China | Nov 27, 2010 AM | Related:Chinese Actress

Shanghai Fire

Shanghai Apartment Fire Killed 58

Flames sweep through a 28-storey building in Jingan District on November 15, 2011;The death toll of the big fire that engulfed a high-rise building in downtown Shanghai has risen to 58, at least 90 people injured and an unknown number of people are still unaccounted for. Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 27, 2010 AM | Related:Shanghai Fire

Sweet Chinese

Sweet Chinese model Barbie Diao Yang

Barbie Diao Yang 刁扬 is Chinese artiste, model and hostess. Diao Yang makes her career glamorous as a sweet Chinese model. She’s actually just new in the business yet she’s already being considered as China’s answer to Taiwan’s otaku goddess Yao Yao – Guo Shu Yao. Read More

Sexy China | Nov 26, 2010 AM | Related:Sweet Chinese

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