Severe drought persists in central and eastern China

China Drought,Yangtze River

BEIJING, May 29 -- China's National Meteorological Center on Sunday kept its 'yellow alert' for the persistent drought that is plaguing many central and eastern provinces of China... Read More

Chinese Society | May 29, 2011 AM | Related China Pictures:China Drought

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Sales promotion

Computer offered free if young woman strips off all clothes except Three points

A computer store conducted sales promotion in Shangluo City of Shaan Xi Province in North China. Those who are aged between 20 to 25, unmarried young woman, above 170 cm high, with slender figure and white skin, can get a computer free if she takes off all her clothes except the three points (the bra and underpants). Read More

Chinese People | May 29, 2011 AM | Related:Sales promotion

Tang Wei

Tang Wei (汤唯) won Top Excellence of Actress in S. Korea

Tang Wei (汤唯) (born in Wenzhou of Zhejiang Province) is a Chinese actress. She rose to prominence for her appearance in Lust, Caution. In July 2006, Tang appear in Ang Lee's Lust, Caution as Wong Chia Chi, co-starring Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Joan Chen, and Leehom Wang. Read More

Sexy China | May 28, 2011 AM | Related:Tang Wei

Coco Lee

Chinese pop singer Coco Lee (李玟)

CoCo Lee (born 17 January 1975 in Hong Kong) is a Chinese pop, dance and urban contemporary singer. Her real name is Ferren Lee-Kelly but is most widely known as 李玟 Lǐ Wen, the stage name she began to use when she writes songs. She sings Cantonese, Mandarin and English. Read More

Sexy China | May 27, 2011 AM | Related:Coco Lee

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei Died from Overwork

The obituary notice of Ai Weiwei, a beautiful online model, artist and soccer baby in East China's Fujian province, has been widely circulated in cyber space, generating sorrow at the loss of a young life and retraining the spotlight on health concerns of young workers. Read More

Sexy China | May 20, 2011 PM | Related:Ai Weiwei

Annie Yi

Sexy Taiwan actress Annie Yi Neng Jing (伊能静)

Annie Yi Neng Jing(Chinese: 伊能静),Born on March 4, 1969 in Taipei, is a singer, a writer and an actress from Taiwan. Annie Yi lauched her singing career in 1988. Annie Yi Neng Jing is one of the few celebrities in Taiwan who is not only beautiful but has brains as well (才女). Read More

Sexy China | May 20, 2011 AM | Related:Annie Yi

Chiang Kai shek

Pictures of Chiang Kai-shek taken by american magazine Life

Chiang Kai-shek (October 31, 1887 – April 5, 1975) was a political and military leader of 20th century China. He is known as Jiang Jièshí or Jiang Zhōngzhèng in Mandarin. Chiang was an influential member of the Nationalist Party, the Kuomintang (KMT), and was a close ally of Sun Yat-sen. Read More

Chinese History | May 18, 2011 AM | Related:Chiang Kai shek

Song Zuying

Beautiful Chinese folk song singer:Song Zuying (宋祖英)

Song Zuying, born in Hunan,is the most famous soprano and the most famous female folk song singer in China. Her representative songs, such as Spicy Girl, Happy Life, Love My China and Flying Songs on the Ground, are very popular in China and the Sinosphere. Read More

Sexy China | May 15, 2011 AM | Related:Song Zuying

Elevated lead level

Elevated blood lead levels found in dozens in Zhejiang

Dozens of people living near a battery plant in Deqing County, Zhejiang Province in East China have dangerously elevated blood lead levels, according to medical tests carried out since March. Read More

Chinese Society | May 14, 2011 PM | Related:Elevated lead level

Yang Mi

Talented and Beautiful Chinese actress Yang Mi 杨幂

Yang Mi is a beautiful Chinese actress. Yang Mi is best known for her role as Guo Xiang in the 2006 TV series The Return of the Condor Heroes and as Tang Xuejian in Chinese Paladin 3 in 2009. Yang Mi is considered a member of the Four Young Dan actresses along with Huang Shengyi, Wang Luodan, Liu Yifei. Read More

Sexy China | May 14, 2011 AM | Related:Yang Mi

Drunk driving

Women Group Advocating Alcohol Prohibition was organized in Chongqing

On May 12, a 'Women Group Advocating Alcohol Prohibition' was organized in Foreigner Street of Chongqing in southwestern China to go against drunk driving. Read More

Chinese Society | May 13, 2011 PM | Related:Drunk driving

Mother's Day

Washing mom's feet to celebrate Mother's Day

On May 6th, 100 primary students in a Primary School in Jiangxi Province gathered on the playground to washed their mom's feet to show filial piety and celebrate the forthcoming Mother’s Day. Read More

Chinese Society | May 11, 2011 AM | Related:Mother's Day

Anti prostitution raid

Chinese man climbs down pipe fleeing police prostitution raid

Internet exposes scene of anti-prostitution where naked whoremonger scales building to escape in Changchun. Read More

Chinese Society | May 1, 2011 AM | Related:Anti prostitution raid

Shangri La

Shangri-La Secenery

Shangri-La County (香格里拉县) is a primarily Tibetan county in southwestern Yunnan Province. Shangri-La was originally called Zhongdian. The unique scenery, highlighted by plateaus, together with the fascinating ethnic culture makes Shangri-La very attractive and charming to visit. Read More

China Scenery | Mar 26, 2011 AM | Related:Shangri La

Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake scenery and the Mosuo matriarchal society

Lugu Lake (泸沽湖) is located in the North West Yunnan plateau. The middle of the lake forms the border between Yunnan and Sichuan province. Lugu lake is attractive partly because of its natural beauty, but mostly because the Mosuo people who live there form a matriarchal society. Read More

China Scenery | Mar 13, 2011 AM | Related:Lugu Lake


Dali scenery

Located northwest of the Yunnan Province, Dali is a city that combines history with modern convenience. It is divided into two areas- the Ancient City and the New District (widely known as Xiaguan). Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake are praised as Dali's leading scenic areas. Read More

China Scenery | Mar 6, 2011 AM | Related:Dali

Isabella Leong

Hong Kong Actress and Singer Isabella Leong Lok-Sze (梁洛施)

Isabella Leong Lok-Sze (梁洛施) is a Hong Kong-based actress and singer. Isabella Leong gave birth to two babies of Richard Li(李泽楷, the second son of LI Ka-shing 李嘉诚). On the 26th February 2011, Leong released a abrupt statement that she and Richard Li have split. Read More

Sexy China | Mar 6, 2011 AM | Related:Isabella Leong

Ada Liu Yan

Sexy Chinese Hostess Ada Liu Yan (柳岩)

Popular Chinese hostess Ada Liu Yan (主播柳岩), born in Hunan Province, is nicknamed ‘the sexiest hostess’ in China for her beautiful figure and her unique personality. Read More

Sexy China | Mar 6, 2011 AM | Related:Ada Liu Yan

Huang Yi

Beautiful Chinese Actress Betty Huang Yi (黄奕)

Chinese actress and singer Betty Huang Yi(黃奕), born in 1979 in Shanghai, is a rising Chinese star. Huang Yi rose to fame for her role in TV series Princess Pearl III in 2003. Read More

Sexy China | Mar 6, 2011 AM | Related:Huang Yi

Sun Li

Beautiful and prominent Chinese actress Betty Sun Li

Betty Sun Li (simplified Chinese: 孙俪;pinyin: Sūn Lì) is a beautiful Chinese actress born on September 26, 1982 in Shanghai. She gained fame in China as well as in the world mainly for her role in New Shanghai Bund, Iron Road, Fearless, Jade Goddess of Mercy. Read More

Sexy China | Mar 6, 2011 AM | Related:Sun Li

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