Sexy model performs pole dance at Chongqing motor show, drawing large crowd of audience

Pole dance,Motor show

A Peugoet car exhibitor at Chongqing Motor Show hired hot models to perform pole dance to draw spectators and media attention and it succeded,Dec. 7, 2013.... Read More

Sexy China | Dec 8, 2013 AM | Related China Pictures:Pole dance

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Subway pole dancing

Watch: Hot girl performs pole dancing on Wuhan subway, criticized as disturbing traffic order

A video clip showing a pretty and hot girl wearing few clothes performed pole dancing on Wuhan subway goes viral in China, criticized as disturbing public traffic order. Read More

Chinese Art | Jan 13, 2013 AM | Related:Subway pole dancing

Pole dance contest

Beijing held pole dance contest in Hilton Hotel

May 27 the 4th Yidaba Pole Dance Contest took place in a Beijing Hilton Hotel. Yidaba is a high-class night club of Hilton Group, where Beijing residents, especially celebrities come to get acquainted with other artists, singers, businessmen and politicians and thus enlarge their social network. Read More

Chinese Art | May 29, 2012 AM | Related:Pole dance contest

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