Chinese woman savagely beats up alleged xiaosan of her husband on the street of Wuxi

Xiaosan,Mistress beaten up

A woman was spotted beating up the alleged xiaosan (third person, or mistress) of her husband on the street of Wuxi, Jiangsu province on the evening of August 29.... Read More

Chinese Society | Sep 1, 2013 AM | Related China Pictures:Xiaosan

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Yi Junqing

Mistress proves to be key player in China's anti-corruption mechanism; Top Marxist theorist and party think tank official fired after mistress exposes their affairs online

Yi Junqing, a top Marxism-Leninism theorist leading an important party think tank, has been removed as director of Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, after his post-doctoral mistress Chang Yan exposed their affairs online one month ago. Read More

Chinese People | Jan 18, 2013 AM | Related:Yi Junqing

Lu Jiali

Sexy Chinese model Lu Jiali is the most beautiful mistress of officials in eyes of Chinese netizens

Sexy Chinese model Lu Jiali was one of the most famous mistresses of China. She was a shared mistress to several senior party officials in Shanghai from 2002 to 2006. Lu Jiali has been recently voted as the most beautiful mistress to corrupt officials. Read More

Sexy China | Dec 21, 2012 PM | Related:Lu Jiali


Nanjing mistress escape naked!

A woman in East China was recently spotted climbing out of a hotel window naked to escape her lover's angry wife. The incident purportedly happened on Sunday, 16 October at a h Read More

Chinese Society | Oct 22, 2011 PM | Related:Adultery


Chinese wife publicly beats up the mistress of her husband

One woman held another woman down and repeatedly beat her, even tearing at her shirt. It was said the attacker was the wife of a businessman, and the woman who was attacked was a xiaosan (小三, the third woman, or mistress of the husband). Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 15, 2011 AM | Related:Mistress

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