Shaanxi petitioners kneeling to ask for help from deputies to people's congress detained for disturbing travelling of the deputies

Shaanxi petitioners,Land seizure

Shaanxi petitioners that tried to let their grievances over disputed land seizure and insufficient compensation heard by deputies of people's congress through kneeling in middle of the road and blocking the way were detained and sent to detention center for disturbing transportation. ... Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 9, 2012 AM | Related China Pictures:Shaanxi petitioners

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Forced demolition

Forced demolition at mid night: Tens of thugs storm into villagers' homes in Henan, drag out sleeping residents and demolish their houses with bulldozers

At the mid night of October 21, 2012, about 80 thugs stormed into the villagers' homes in Henan, drag them out of the bed, then demolished their houses with bulldozers. So far not any company or government has claimed responsibily. Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 3, 2012 AM | Related:Forced demolition

Nail House

Protests against forced house Demolition and violent land seizure in China

Since China began to accept private ownership of real estate beginning from 1990s, discontent arose among the people over accusations of violent land seizures and forced house demolitions by developers and complicit government officials. Read More

Chinese Society | Oct 31, 2010 PM | Related:Nail House

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