Guangxi 'cave dwellers' reluctant to go back home, or do they have a home anyway?

Cave dweller,Live in cave

Four old men living in mountain caves in Laibin city in Guangxi reluctant to go home even though relief station officials urge them.... Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 12, 2014 AM | Related China Pictures:Cave dweller

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A park in Guilin offers half ticket price for women wearing miniskirt shorter than 38cm

Recently a park in Guilin of Guangxi conducts summer promotion. Those adult girl and women who wear a miniskirt that is shorter then 38 centimeter can enter the park at half ticket price. Read More

Chinese Society | Jul 23, 2012 AM | Related:Miniskirt

Lei Ke Er

Sexy Chinese Model Lei Ke Er

Lei Ke Er, also known as Rita Lei, is a young and sexy Chinese model and internet celebrity from Guilin, Guangxi. Lei Ke Er was born on February 18th, 1987 and has been on a few Ch Read More

Sexy China | Jun 28, 2011 AM | Related:Lei Ke Er

AIDS Orphan

6-year-old AIDS orphan lives alone in Guangxi

November 16, 2010, Niucheping Village, Liuzhou, Guangxi - Six-year-old A-Long has AIDS and lives alone in a hut up on a hilltop. His new blanket was given to him by a kind-hearted Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 29, 2010 AM | Related:AIDS Orphan

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