Henan builds road right around nail house as its owner raises national flag on top of it in effort to protect it from being forcefully demolished

Holdout,Nail House

A three-story house standing in middle of a new asphalt road in Luoyang of Henan province caught national attention on Sunday May 17th.... Read More

Chinese Society | May 17, 2015 PM | Related China Pictures:Holdout

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Nail house

Partly demolished nail house in Nanning becomes shelter for wanderers, junkmen, and run-away-from-home lovers

A partly demolished building in Nanning has caught attention of Chinese netizens not just for its bizarre outer view, but also for its function as a shelter for wanderers and homeless. Read More

Chinese Society | May 16, 2015 AM | Related:Nail house

Forced demolition

Qingdao property owners put up banners on residential building in protest against planned forced demolition

More than a dozen apartment owners hung up anti-demolition banners on outer wall of a residential building in Shibei district, Qingdao city, Shandong province. Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 22, 2014 AM | Related:Forced demolition

Half demolished

It is dangerous to live in these half demolished houses, but residents in Nanning have no choice

Previous forced demolition of buildings on both sides of the Changgang Road have left two lines of half demolished buildings, presenting a bizarre landscape of dangerous buildings in Nanning. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 4, 2014 PM | Related:Half demolished

Violent law enforcement

Are they government officials or actually hired mafia thugs? Watch how Tianmen city planning officials in Hubei 'enforce law' to carry out forced demolition

Chinese Government officials allegedly enforced law violently in Tianmen city, Hubei province in central China, hiring tens of thugs to carry out forced demolition of local villager’ house and beat any trying to prevent them from doing so with bricks and sticks. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 2, 2013 AM | Related:Violent law enforcement

House built on bridge

China's 'most land-saving house' demolished one day after the house built on bridge draws nationwide attention

China's 'most land-saving house' demolished one day after the house built on bridge draws nationwide attention. The swift action of the local authority have shocked and outraged many Chinese netizens, as some feel deeply distressed to see fortune being ruined in this way. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 24, 2013 AM | Related:House built on bridge

Nail house

Zhejiang 'most awesome nail house' demolished, as householder agrees to accept official defined compensation and vacates his home at night

'Zhejiang most awesome nail house' standing in middle road, which has been called the symbol of Chinese resistence against forced demolition of their properties, was demolished on Saturday, as duck farmer signs relocation agreement and vacates his middle road house at night. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 2, 2012 AM | Related:Nail house

Nail householders

Nail householders: Symbol of Chinese resistence against forced demolition of their home; A Collection of the most high-profile nail houses of China

Property owners in China that refuse to move to make way for development are known as Nail Householders. The name Nail Householders or nail houses were originally derogatively branded by the developer and government alliance, but now they are hailed by Chinese as grassroot forefront fighter for civil rights. Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 28, 2012 AM | Related:Nail householders

Forced demolition

Forced demolition at mid night: Tens of thugs storm into villagers' homes in Henan, drag out sleeping residents and demolish their houses with bulldozers

At the mid night of October 21, 2012, about 80 thugs stormed into the villagers' homes in Henan, drag them out of the bed, then demolished their houses with bulldozers. So far not any company or government has claimed responsibily. Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 3, 2012 AM | Related:Forced demolition

Nail House

Protests against forced house Demolition and violent land seizure in China

Since China began to accept private ownership of real estate beginning from 1990s, discontent arose among the people over accusations of violent land seizures and forced house demolitions by developers and complicit government officials. Read More

Chinese Society | Oct 31, 2010 PM | Related:Nail House

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