Sexy Chinese actress and Hong Kong porn star Diana Peng Dan to advise CPC on how to enhance sex appeal

Diana Peng Dan,Diana Pang

Sexy Chinese actress Diana Peng Dan has seen her popularity increasing in China after she was appointed recently as member of Gansu's CPPCC. Born in 1973 in Hunan, Peng Dan emigrated to USA at the age of 14 and she rose to fame in Hong Kong as a porn star in the 1990s.... Read More

Sexy China | Jan 23, 2013 AM | Related China Pictures:Diana Peng Dan

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Liu Yuxin

Sexy Chinese actress, model and rising star Angel Liu Yuxin

Chinese actress and model Liu Yuxin is best known for her role as Gororo Mingyu in the 2011 television series Startling by Each Step. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. Read More

Sexy China | Dec 26, 2012 AM | Related:Liu Yuxin

Jiang Yiyan

Talented Chinese actress Jiang Yi Yan

Talented Chinese actress Jiang Yiyan, born 1983 in Shaoxing of Zhejiang. Jiang Yiyan began to act in TV series in 2000 and she graduated from Beijing Film Academy. Jiang Yiyan gained fame for her role in Deadly Delicious , Nanjing! Nanjing! , The Pretending Lovers, Bullet Vanishes. Read More

Sexy China | Nov 4, 2012 AM | Related:Jiang Yiyan

Tian Pujun

Beautiful Chinese actress Meme Tian Pujun - New girl friend of Chinese real estate tycoon Wang Shi

Beautiful Chinese actress, 31 years old Meme Tian Pujun (田朴珺) is said to be new girlfriend of 61 years old Chinese tycoon Wang Shi. Tian Pujun, born in Shanghai, is a rising China star. Pujun rose to fame for her role in Seoul Raiders in 2005. Read More

Sexy China | Oct 29, 2012 AM | Related:Tian Pujun

Yang Xin

Sexy Chinese actress and Little Gong Li - Yang Xin

Yang Xin (Chinese: 杨欣) (born September 18, 1982 in Yantai of Shandong) is a famous Chinese actress. Yang Xin with her hot curve, big breasts and professional acting skills is nicknamed Chinese big breasts sister and little Gong Li. Read More

Sexy China | Jul 30, 2012 AM | Related:Yang Xin

Shao Luya

Most sexy Chinese actress and PLA soldier Shao Luya

Born in Taiyuan of Shanxi Province, Shao Luya (邵路雅) is a sexy Chinese actress. Shao was an art solider growing up in the military. After leaving the PLA she became an actress and model and since she never hesitates to reveal her sexy body, Shao Luya is called the most sexy Chinese PLA soldier. Read More

Sexy China | Jul 29, 2012 AM | Related:Shao Luya

Huo Siyan

Beautiful Chinese actress Huo Siyan

Huo Siyan (Chinese: 霍思燕) is a first-class beautiful Chinese actress. Huo Siyan was born on October 23rd, 1981 in Beijing. Her film debut was My Name Is Fame in 2006 and many of her TV series including Xi'an Incident, the Last Princess etc. have the highest ratings in mainland China. Read More

Sexy China | Jul 18, 2012 AM | Related:Huo Siyan

Chinese actress

Cute Chinese actress and rising star Sun Feifei

Sun Feifei (孙菲菲) is a Chinese actress from Shaanxi Province and a rising star. Sun Fei Fei graduated from Beijing Dance Academy. She was involved in 2011 red carpet wardrobe malfunction incident, in which she seemingly deliberately exposed her breasts. Read More

Sexy China | Jun 22, 2012 AM | Related:Chinese actress

Eva Huang

Sexy Chinese actress and singer Eva Huang Shengyi

Huang Shengyi, also known as Eva Huang, is a beautiful Chinese actress and singer. Eva Huang Sheng Yi was born and raised in Shanghai. In April of 2009, Eva Huang, together with Yang Mi, Wang Luodan and Liu Yifei, were selected as the 'Four Young Dan actresses (四小花旦)' in mainland China. Read More

Sexy China | May 20, 2012 AM | Related:Eva Huang

Gong Xin Liang

Sexy Chinese actress and soccer baby Gong Xin Liang

Chinese celebrity actress Miumiu GONG Xin-liang is one of the hottest rising star that Huayi Brothers fiercely promotes. Gong Xinliang starred Miumiu in the movie If You Are the On Read More

Sexy China | Mar 16, 2012 AM | Related:Gong Xin Liang

Zhang Xinyi

Beautiful Chinese actress Zhang Xinyi

Chinese actress Zhang Xinyi is gradually making her name known and not only with a pretty face, a little bit reminiscent of the famous Zhou Xun. The actress is enjoying growing Read More

Sexy China | Jan 26, 2012 AM | Related:Zhang Xinyi

Gan Lulu

Sexy and controversial Chinese model and actress Gan Lulu

Controversial Chinese celebrity Gan Lulu (干露露) is a Chinese model and actress living in Beijing. Graduated from Central Academy of Drama in 2008, Gan Lulu is nicknamed as 'China's top nude model' for her boldness to wearing almost nothing before public. Read More

Sexy China | Oct 17, 2011 AM | Related:Gan Lulu

Li Xiaoran

Beautiful Chinese actress Li Xiaoran

Li Xiaoran (born May 8, 1976 in Beijing, China) is a Chinese actress. Apart from her acting career, she is also a dancer, having graduated from Beijing Dance Academy in 1993. She Read More

Sexy China | Jul 6, 2011 AM | Related:Li Xiaoran

Yang Mi

Talented and Beautiful Chinese actress Yang Mi 杨幂

Yang Mi is a beautiful Chinese actress. Yang Mi is best known for her role as Guo Xiang in the 2006 TV series The Return of the Condor Heroes and as Tang Xuejian in Chinese Paladin 3 in 2009. Yang Mi is considered a member of the Four Young Dan actresses along with Huang Shengyi, Wang Luodan, Liu Yifei. Read More

Sexy China | May 14, 2011 AM | Related:Yang Mi

Huang Yi

Beautiful Chinese Actress Betty Huang Yi (黄奕)

Chinese actress and singer Betty Huang Yi(黃奕), born in 1979 in Shanghai, is a rising Chinese star. Huang Yi rose to fame for her role in TV series Princess Pearl III in 2003. Read More

Sexy China | Mar 6, 2011 AM | Related:Huang Yi

Sun Li

Beautiful and prominent Chinese actress Betty Sun Li

Betty Sun Li (simplified Chinese: 孙俪;pinyin: Sūn Lì) is a beautiful Chinese actress born on September 26, 1982 in Shanghai. She gained fame in China as well as in the world mainly for her role in New Shanghai Bund, Iron Road, Fearless, Jade Goddess of Mercy. Read More

Sexy China | Mar 6, 2011 AM | Related:Sun Li

Kitty Zhang

Sexy Chinese actress Kitty Zhang Yuqi

Sexy Chinese actress Kitty Zhang Yuqi (Chinese name: 张雨绮;Birthdate: August 8, 1986; Birthplace: Shandong, China;Height: 170cm) is a rising star in Hong Kong and mainland China. Read More

Sexy China | Dec 3, 2010 AM | Related:Kitty Zhang

Meng Qian

Sexy Chinese actress, hostess and soccer babe Meng Qian

Sexy Chinese actress and hostess Meng Qian (Chinese:孟茜) was born September 9, 1984 in Heze city of Shandong province;'With a reported bust of 38C, Meng Qian is often linked to Hong Kong star Chow Yun Fat as his goddaughter. Read More

Sexy China | Dec 2, 2010 AM | Related:Meng Qian

Chinese celebrities

Sexy Chinese Actress Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing (Chinese: 李冰冰) is a Chinese actress and singer born on Feb 27,1973 in Harbin of Heilongjiang Province. Having been active in her acting career since 1994, Li has steadily achieved success in both television and film. Read More

Sexy China | Nov 28, 2010 AM | Related:Chinese celebrities

Chinese Actress

Chinese actress and rising star Bobo Gan Tingting

Bobo Gan Tingting is a popular Chinese actress and rising star in entertainment circle across Eastasia. Gan Ting Ting became a hot topic among Chinese movie fans in 2010 when she played the adulterous Pan Jinlian 潘金莲 in All Men are Brothers or Water Margin 水浒传. Read More

Sexy China | Nov 27, 2010 PM | Related:Chinese Actress

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