Worst ever Chinese father cruelly abuses his own daughter for 5+ years, using boiling water to "kill lice" on her head

Child abuse,Abuse own daughter

The horrifying story of an 11 years old little girl has sparked nationwide anger at her own father, who has cruelly abused her for more than 5 years by scalding her head with boiling water and piecing her fingertip with needle, etc., as well as at local government for dereliction of their duties.... Read More

Chinese Society | May 13, 2013 AM | Related China Pictures:Child abuse

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Child abuse

Poor Chinese primary school child was slapped by his teacher for not finishing homework, then by 50 classmates in turn, ordered by the teacher

Just because Little Ming had not finished his homework in time, his teacher surnamed Luo was enraged and boxed his ears, but Luo would not stop, she ordered all the 50 child students to take turns at slapping Little Ming heavily in the face. The picture of black-and-blue-faced Little Ming has drawn public indignation. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 19, 2012 AM | Related:Child abuse

Child abuse

Kindergarten teacher arrested after photos showing she amusing herself by abusing children spark public uproar, the kindergarten in Zhejiang is closed by authority

Shortly after a group of child abuse photos uncovered by Chinese netizens from a personal blogs parked public outrage, two kindergarten teachers in Wenling of Zhejiang Province have been arrested by local police. The kindergarten in Zhejiang is closed by authority Read More

Chinese Society | Oct 25, 2012 AM | Related:Child abuse

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