Prosperous business in Shaanxi fur production base: tens of thousands of foxes, minks bludgeoned, bled to death, and then skinned

Fur industry,Fox skin

A documentary tells us the prosperous but kind of cruel fur industry in a Xi’an village. Tens of thousands of foxes and ferrets are bludgeoned, trampled, bled to death and skinned.... Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 22, 2013 PM | Related China Pictures:Fur industry

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Shoot living chicken to death

Is it too cruel: Ethnic Korean shoot chicken alive to death with arrows in Northeast China?

Ethnic Korean Chinese in Northeast China's Jilin province shooting living chicken to death with arrows to celebrate a old Korean tradition has drawn nationwide criticism as too cruel and animal abuse. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 15, 2013 AM | Related:Shoot living chicken to death

Dog fighting

Dog fighting sport played in dog market in East China criticized as animal abuse

Recently a dog market in Bozhou City of Anhui Province has drawn national attention. The dog market is the place where the blood sport of dog fighting takes place, which is criticized as animal abuse by Chinese dog lovers. Read More

Chinese Society | Sep 17, 2012 AM | Related:Dog fighting

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