Environmental volunteers perform action art on street of Chongqing to call for action against smog

Smog,Air pollution

A group of environmental volunteers and activists performed action art on the Yangren Avenue (Street of Foreigners) in Chongqing as call for action against smog and air pollution.... Read More

Chinese Art | Mar 2, 2014 AM | Related China Pictures:Smog

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Beautiful models wear marks for outdoor catwalk at Nanjing jewelry fashion show due to heavy smog

Models wore mask to walk catwalk on T-stage at a jewelry fashion show held in Nanjing on December 6, 2013, to protect them from hazardous smog. Read More

Sexy China | Dec 7, 2013 PM | Related:Mask

Feed people smog

'Feed people smog' becomes new buzzword in China as severe air pollution turns Shanghai, the 'demon capital' of China into 'smog capital'

'Feed people smog', a homophone for the Chinese political jargon 'serve the people', has gone viral on Chinese social media, as heavy smog engulfed Shanghai and surrounding provinces. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 7, 2013 AM | Related:Feed people smog

Breathing bike

Fear to contract Beijing cough? Then DIY and make an air filtration device as the Laowai does

Beijing-based UK artist Matt Hope is taking Beijing’s huge problem of air pollution into his own hands by inventing a breathing bike to filter the Beijing air. Read More

Chinese Art | Mar 31, 2013 AM | Related:Breathing bike

Public toilet

Having the worst air pollution of China, Linfen city spends 50 million yuan in building 160 star-rated luxury public toilets to enhance its city image

Linfen city in Shanxi province has been criticized online after spending 50 million yuan on 'luxury toilets' in the faux style of China's famous buildings. Read More

China Scenery | Mar 5, 2013 AM | Related:Public toilet

Beijing smog

Residents are warned to stay indoors, as heavy smog shrouds half China, PM2.5 index reaches 1000 in Beijing while in Washington it stands at 54

China issues a yellow alert for heavy smog that continues to shroud the country's northern, central and eastern regions on Sunday. Beijing recommends residents to stay indoors as air polution index PM2.5 reaches 1000 for some areas. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 13, 2013 AM | Related:Beijing smog

Pollution in China

Pollution in China - Appalling photos

Various forms of pollution (especially air pollution and water pollution) have increased as China is being industrialized. Although China has taken some action, overall the situation keeps deteriorating. Here are some appalling photos showing the heavy pollution in China. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 3, 2010 AM | Related:Pollution in China

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