Controversial sexy Chinese model Linda Sun Jingya: a cute, pure and lovely young model or a highly paid Green Tea Bitch?

Sun Jingya,Linda Sun

Linda Sun Jingya (Chinese: 孙静雅) is a Chinese artist, young model and a rising celebrity. She has earned some nicknames as Little Li Xiaolu (小李小璐), but her alleged participation in a sex orgy during the Hainan Rendezvous event ruined her fame and she was since nicknamed as green tea bitch. ... Read More

Sexy China | Apr 5, 2013 PM | Related China Pictures:Sun Jingya

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Lu Jiali

Sexy Chinese model Lu Jiali is the most beautiful mistress of officials in eyes of Chinese netizens

Sexy Chinese model Lu Jiali was one of the most famous mistresses of China. She was a shared mistress to several senior party officials in Shanghai from 2002 to 2006. Lu Jiali has been recently voted as the most beautiful mistress to corrupt officials. Read More

Sexy China | Dec 21, 2012 PM | Related:Lu Jiali

Guiyang Auto Culture Festival

NSFW: Kissing crocodile, swallowing snake head, topless Chinese auto model plays frightening games with dangerous animals at 2012 Guiyang Auto Culture Festival

NSFW: Chinese auto maker hires topless Chinese auto model kisses crocodile and swallows snake head to boost media coverage and draw visitors at 2012 Guiyang Auto Culture Festival (simply Guiyang Auto Show). Read More

Sexy China | Nov 10, 2012 AM | Related:Guiyang Auto Culture Festival

Diamond studded lingerie

Sexy Chinese model shows off 5 million RMB diamond-studded lingerie at Nanchang Wedding Exhibition

On August 31 at the 2012 Nanchang Wedding Exhibition, sexy Chinese model was hired to show off two pairs of diamond-studded lingeries which drew envious stares from the visitors. Read More

Chinese Society | Sep 1, 2012 AM | Related:Diamond studded lingerie

Celia Kwok

Sexy Hong Kong young model Celia Kwok (Guo Ying Er)

Celia Kwok is a sexy Hong Kong young model. Although she joined the entertaiment industry as a young model just several month ago, her hot figure, sexy body, 33C boobs help her in gaining remarkable popularity throughout Hong Kong and mainland China. Read More

Sexy China | Jul 17, 2012 AM | Related:Celia Kwok

Wu Xi'er

Sexy Chinese auto model Wu Xi Er,nicknamed Gan Lulu No.2,or Wet Lulu

22 years old Wu Xi Er (or Wu Xi'er) is a rising but controversial Chinese auto model. Wu Xi'er created a commotion on the 16th Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macau International Auto Show when she wore almost nothing. She has been called by Chinese netizens as Gan Lulu No. 2 or Wet Lulu. Read More

Sexy China | Jul 16, 2012 AM | Related:Wu Xi'er

Chinese model

Sexy Chinese Model Li Yingzhi shines at Beijing auto show

22 years old Chinese auto model Li Ying Zhi has caused uproar with her revealing diamond-studded dress at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show. Read More

Sexy China | Apr 30, 2012 AM | Related:Chinese model

Gan Lulu

Sexy and controversial Chinese model and actress Gan Lulu

Controversial Chinese celebrity Gan Lulu (干露露) is a Chinese model and actress living in Beijing. Graduated from Central Academy of Drama in 2008, Gan Lulu is nicknamed as 'China's top nude model' for her boldness to wearing almost nothing before public. Read More

Sexy China | Oct 17, 2011 AM | Related:Gan Lulu

Lei Ke Er

Sexy Chinese Model Lei Ke Er

Lei Ke Er, also known as Rita Lei, is a young and sexy Chinese model and internet celebrity from Guilin, Guangxi. Lei Ke Er was born on February 18th, 1987 and has been on a few Ch Read More

Sexy China | Jun 28, 2011 AM | Related:Lei Ke Er

Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang

Sexy Chinese model Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang

Chinese model, actress and soccer babe Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang (Chinese name:潘霜霜), nicknamed Little Shu Qi (小舒淇), has become a hot star loved by millions of Chinese by virtue of her sexy body, cute face, hot curve, flauting eyes and shining smile. Read More

Sexy China | Jun 16, 2011 AM | Related:Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang

Zhang Wanyou

Sexy Chinese model Zhang Wanyou

Chinese model and actress Zhang Wanyou, born in Qingdao of Shandong Province, has fine facial features, flawless skin and one very sexy body. She rose to fame firstly as an actress in TV series Love Story《爱情实录》, Flower on Sea《海上花》, Let Love to survive 放爱一条生路. etc. Read More

Sexy China | Jun 4, 2011 AM | Related:Zhang Wanyou

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei Died from Overwork

The obituary notice of Ai Weiwei, a beautiful online model, artist and soccer baby in East China's Fujian province, has been widely circulated in cyber space, generating sorrow at the loss of a young life and retraining the spotlight on health concerns of young workers. Read More

Sexy China | May 20, 2011 PM | Related:Ai Weiwei

Sweet Chinese

Sweet Chinese model Barbie Diao Yang

Barbie Diao Yang 刁扬 is Chinese artiste, model and hostess. Diao Yang makes her career glamorous as a sweet Chinese model. She’s actually just new in the business yet she’s already being considered as China’s answer to Taiwan’s otaku goddess Yao Yao – Guo Shu Yao. Read More

Sexy China | Nov 26, 2010 AM | Related:Sweet Chinese

Xu Ying

Chinese model Xu Ying (徐莹)

Xu Ying (徐莹) from Shanghai is one of the more famous Moko Girl from China. The leggy and pretty Chinese model is very popular among netizens. In April 2010, Xu Ying made the newspapers headlines in China when a series of her private photographs taken by her boyfriend were circulated online. Read More

Sexy China | Oct 6, 2010 PM | Related:Xu Ying

Tang Fang

Chinese body art model Tang Fang

Tang Fang is a Chinese body art model. The style of her body art photos is more approximate to international criteria. Tang Fang has been praised by industry insiders as having a perfect body curve and enthusiasm in sacrificing herself to art. Read More

Sexy China | Oct 6, 2010 PM | Related:Tang Fang

Tang Jiali

China's veteran body art model Tang Jiali

Tang Jiali (Chinese: 汤加丽) ,born in Heifei of Anhui Province, is a Chinese dancer and body art model who became a celebrity and household name in China in 2003 by being the first Chinese woman to sell books of nude photos of herself. Read More

Sexy China | Oct 6, 2010 PM | Related:Tang Jiali

Yan Fengjiao

Chinese model Yan Fengjiao involved in indecent photo scandal

Yan Feng Jiao 闫凤娇 was once a cover model for the magazine Ruili, is a senior makeup artist, has gained fame through taking part in 2010 year's dating show 'You Are the One'. Read More

Sexy China | Oct 6, 2010 PM | Related:Yan Fengjiao


No. 1 Chinese car model Shoushou Zhai Ling

Zhai Ling with the nickname Shoushou is a famous Chinese model. She gained fame thanks to her pretty face and tall but slim figure. Shoushou has been called the No. 1 car model of China for her excellent performance in the Beijing Auto Show 2008. Read More

Sexy China | Oct 5, 2010 PM | Related:Shoushou

Body Art

Chinese Body Art models

Body art is a new term in China. Only after China's openning up in the late 1970s, the beauty of body has been slowly recognized by the traditional conservative Chinese society. Currenly the most famous Chinese body art models are Tang Jiali, Tang Fang and Zhang Xiaoyu. Read More

Sexy China | Oct 5, 2010 PM | Related:Body Art

Yang Qihan

Sexy Chinese soccer baby and model Yang Qihan

Sexy Chinese model and actress Isabella Yang Qihan has been called the hottest soccer babe of China. Read More

Sexy China | Oct 5, 2010 PM | Related:Yang Qihan

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