Look: Guilin middle school puts up crazy slogans to push students to work hard for the upcoming National Higher Education Entrance Examination

Gaokao,Inspirational slogan

A middle school in Guilin, Guangxi has drawn national attention for its unique, and kind of crazy banners put up everywhere in the campus for motivating students to work hard for upcoming Gaokao.... Read More

Chinese Society | May 25, 2015 AM | Related China Pictures:Gaokao

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Shanty house

Dare you live in this temporary shanty house with doors open to the edge of a steep cliff?

A temporary shanty house built for migrant workers was spotted standing on the edge of steep cliff 25 meters deep in Chongqing. Read More

Chinese Society | May 25, 2015 AM | Related:Shanty house

Motor home

61-year old man drives and lives in this 'motor home' everywhere he goes in search for missing wife

In order to find his beloved missing wife, an elderly Chinese man in his 60s drags and lives in a shabby 'motor home' wherever he goes across Heze city, Shandong province. Read More

Chinese Society | May 24, 2015 PM | Related:Motor home

Uncivilized tourist

Uncivilized tourists spotted taking photos with their hands on breasts of a naked woman sculpture in Sichuan

Pictures of two tourists taking photos while fondling breasts of woman sculpture in a scenery spot in Sichuan went viral on Chinese social media on Wednesday May 20th. Read More

Chinese Society | May 20, 2015 AM | Related:Uncivilized tourist


Look: Nail house stands on mound in middle of construction site as its owner has to climb up some 20 meters high to get home

A nail house caught nationwide attention after pictures emerged online showing it stands on a 20-meter-high mound dug out by real estate developer in Sichuan. Read More

Chinese Society | May 20, 2015 AM | Related:Holdout


Henan builds road right around nail house as its owner raises national flag on top of it in effort to protect it from being forcefully demolished

A three-story house standing in middle of a new asphalt road in Luoyang of Henan province caught national attention on Sunday May 17th. Read More

Chinese Society | May 17, 2015 PM | Related:Holdout

Qipao Show

150000 Qipao-clad Chinese women walk runways across the world in attempt to break Guinness world record

As many as 150000 Qipao-clad Chinese women strutted their stuff on stages, runways across the world on Saturday May 16 in an effort to break Guiness world record for largest Qipao show. Read More

Sexy China | May 17, 2015 AM | Related:Qipao Show

Bungee Jump

Hong Kong model criticized as lack of respect for Thai culture after going naked bungee-jumping

A Hong Kong model was criticized as disrespecting local culture of Thailand tourist spot for going naked bungee-jumping while the operator was fined of 1000 Baht by Thai police. Read More

Sexy China | May 16, 2015 PM | Related:Bungee Jump

Nail house

Partly demolished nail house in Nanning becomes shelter for wanderers, junkmen, and run-away-from-home lovers

A partly demolished building in Nanning has caught attention of Chinese netizens not just for its bizarre outer view, but also for its function as a shelter for wanderers and homeless. Read More

Chinese Society | May 16, 2015 AM | Related:Nail house

Catwalk contest

Look: Bikini girls walk runway along cliff path 2000 meters above rocky ravine

A scenery park in Henan held a catwalk contest between bikini models wearing high-heeled shoes on a plank path along a cliff 2000 meters above a rocky ravine. Read More

Chinese Society | May 15, 2015 AM | Related:Catwalk contest

Aircraft carrier

World's best grandpa builds this miniature Liaoning aircraft carrier

An 80 years old man from Qingdao spent one month building a Liaoning Aircraft Carrier model for his grandson and thus has been called the best grandpa of China. Read More

Chinese Society | Mar 5, 2014 PM | Related:Aircraft carrier


Environmental volunteers perform action art on street of Chongqing to call for action against smog

A group of environmental volunteers and activists performed action art on the Yangren Avenue (Street of Foreigners) in Chongqing as call for action against smog and air pollution. Read More

Chinese Art | Mar 2, 2014 AM | Related:Smog

Nail house

Changsha old man holds out in half demolished 'nail house' that stands on man-made mound in middle of construction site

A half demolished nail house standing on a mound in middle of a construction site in Changsha, Hunan province drew nationwide attention on Sunday. The house owner can only reach his home by a ladder. Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 23, 2014 AM | Related:Nail house

Forced demolition

Qingdao property owners put up banners on residential building in protest against planned forced demolition

More than a dozen apartment owners hung up anti-demolition banners on outer wall of a residential building in Shibei district, Qingdao city, Shandong province. Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 22, 2014 AM | Related:Forced demolition


Elementary school in Wuhan installs bars on desks to protect pupils' eyesight

A primary school in Wuhan city in central China’s Hubei province tried to protect the eyesight of pupils by installing bars on their desks. Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 22, 2014 AM | Related:Myopia

Beauty contest

Bikini-clad models compete for Miss Ice Snow & Hot Spring Beauty in freezing cold skiing field in Shenyang

The championship round of the Second Miss Ice Snow and Hot Spring Beauty Contest featuring in bikini girls competing in freezing cold weather took place on February 15 in Shenyang, Liaoning province. Read More

Sexy China | Feb 17, 2014 AM | Related:Beauty contest

Sex workers

Wuhan students perform action art to protest against rude exposure of Dongguan sex workers

Several students from Wuhan University performed action art in campus on Valentine’s Day as protest against rude exposure of Dongguan sex workers by state broadcaster CCTV. Read More

Chinese Art | Feb 15, 2014 AM | Related:Sex workers

999 roses

Hangzhou man propses marriage to his girlfriend with 999 roses folded from 200,000 yuan ($32,000) worth of 100-yuan notes

A young man from Hangzhou succeeded in winning the heart of his girl friend by presenting her 999 roses folded from 200,000 yuan worth of 100-yuan banknotes. Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 13, 2014 AM | Related:999 roses

Teapot shaped building

A cultural exhibition center is built in the shape of a clay teapot in Wuxi

A teapot shaped building that is under construction in Wuxi, Jiangsu province has gained applause among Chinese netizens. Read More

Chinese Art | Feb 12, 2014 AM | Related:Teapot shaped building

Nail house

This half demolished building standing in middle of an intersection has been dubbed as the most stubborn nail house of Fujian

A half demolished three storey house has been recently exposed on Chinese social media and dubbed by Chinese netizens as the most stubborn nail house of Fujian. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 18, 2014 AM | Related:Nail house

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