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China Territory | Nov 7, 2010 AM

Provinces of China: Hubei - land of thousand lakes and where the Three Gorges Dam is located

General informationArea: 180,000 square kmPopulation: 60 million (2005)Capital City: WuhanNationalities: Han (95.6%), Tujia (3.7%), and Miao (0.4%)GDP : CNY915 billion(2007)Average temperatu...

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Chinese municipalities

China Territory | Nov 5, 2010 AM

Municipalities of China: Chongqing - the Fog Capital and having the most spicy cuisine of China

General information Area (City) 600 square km Area (Metro) 82,403 square kmPopulation: 32.35 million (2007)Coordinates: 28°10'-32°13'N 105°17'-110°11'EJanuary Average Temperature: 7....

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