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Macao | Nov 14, 2010 AM

Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR)

General informationEnglish name:Macau Special Administrative RegionSimplified Chinese name:澳门特别行政区Traditional Chinese name:澳門特別行政區Chinese pinyin: AomenTransfer of sovereignty to the PRC...

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong | Nov 13, 2010 PM

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR)

General informationEnglish name:Hong KongChinese name:香港Chinese pinyin: XianggangArea: 1104 square kmPopulation: 7,055,071 (2010)Official language(s): Chinese, EnglishSpoken languages:Cantonese,E...

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Autonomous region

China Territory | Nov 12, 2010 AM

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

General informationArea: 236,700 square kmPopulation: 49.25 million (2005)Population % of Zhuang 32.79%Capital City: Nanning Nationalities: Zhuang (32%), Han (62%), Yao (3%), Miao (1%),...

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Provinces of China

China Territory | Nov 6, 2010 AM

Provinces of China: Hainan - China's southernmost island province in South China Sea

General informationArea: 33,920 km2Population: 8.2 million.Capital: Haikou.Nationalities: Han (83%) , Li (16%), Miao (0.8%), and Zhuang (0.7%).GDP (2007): CNY123 billionMountains:Wuzi Mountains and L...

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Chinese provinces

China Territory | Nov 6, 2010 AM

Provinces of China: Guangdong - the most prosperous province of China

General informationArea: 186,000 square kmPopulation: 86.42 million (2006)Capital City: GuangzhouPopulation: 113,040,000 (2005)GDP: CNY 3,908,159 million(2009)Nationalities: Han, Yao, Zhuang...

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