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China Territory | Nov 7, 2010 AM

Chinese Provinces: Hunan - the birth place of Mao Zedong

General informationArea: 211,800 square kmPopulation: 65 million (2006)Capital City: ChangshaNationalities: Han, Tujia, Miao, Dong, Yao, Hui, Uygur and ZhuangGDP (2007): CNY914.5 billion.Ave...

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China political history

Chinese History | Oct 2, 2010 PM

Political History of China (9): Establishment of People's Republic of China and the Humanitarian Disasters

15. THE CHINESE REVOLUTION II: COMMUNISTThe Communist PartyThe Chinese Communist party is the primary political force in China. Unlike parties in Western democracies, it is a tightly organized moveme...

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