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China Territory | Nov 6, 2010 AM

Provinces of China: Hebei - the Province surrounding Beijing and Tianjin municipalities

General informationArea: 190,000 square kmPopulation: 67.44 million (2006)Capital City: ShijiazhuangNationalities: Han, Hui, Manchu, Mongolian, and Korean.GDP : CNY1,161,370,000(2007)Average...

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Municipalities of China

China Territory | Nov 4, 2010 AM

Municipalities of China: Beijing - Capital of China

General information Area (City) 1,368 square km Area (Metro) 16,800 square kmPopulation: 17.55 million (2009)Nationalities: Han (96%), Manchu (2%), Hui (2%), and Mongolian (0.3%)Average te...

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