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Uncivilized tourist

Uncivilized tourists spotted taking photos with their hands on breasts of a naked woman sculpture in Sichuan

The pictures show the two men took turns to hug a naked woman stone figure, fondle the breasts, and even kiss the nipple before camera.The sculpture ...Read More

Chinese Society | May 20, 2015 AM | Related China Stories:Uncivilized tourist


Look: Nail house stands on mound in middle of construction site as its owner has to climb up some 20 meters high to get home

The mound is so high that makes it looks like an island in a sea of dirt. And the house owners, two old folk have to climb up and down tens of meters...Read More

Chinese Society | May 20, 2015 AM | Related China Stories:Holdout

Sell himself

This guy claims to be a doctoral student from Tsinghua University and wants to sell himself at price of 5 million RMB to a rich woman

The chubby, shirtless fellow was spotted standing on a pedestrian street in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing city in southwestern China,  wearing n...Read More

Chinese Society | May 18, 2015 AM | Related China Stories:Sell himself


Henan builds road right around nail house as its owner raises national flag on top of it in effort to protect it from being forcefully demolished

Dramatic images of the three-story house standing in middle of a new major road of Luoyang city in central China’s Henan province has become th...Read More

Chinese Society | May 17, 2015 PM | Related China Stories:Holdout

Nail house

Partly demolished nail house in Nanning becomes shelter for wanderers, junkmen, and run-away-from-home lovers

In a country where forced demolition of private homes has never been eradicated, if not rampant, nail house, a Chinese characteristic buzzword repres...Read More

Chinese Society | May 16, 2015 AM | Related China Stories:Nail house

Car game

Watch: Car game on street can have serious consequence, like the two motorists in Wuhan

Days after the news about a Chengdu female driver being beaten up due to reckless driving started to ebb down, another footage showing how aggressive...Read More

Miscellaneous | May 15, 2015 PM | Related China Stories:Car game

Catwalk contest

Look: Bikini girls walk runway along cliff path 2000 meters above rocky ravine

Walking along cliff path is a challenge even for young tourists wearing sport shoes. A faint-hearted will feel legs crumble when looking down the pla...Read More

Chinese Society | May 15, 2015 AM | Related China Stories:Catwalk contest


This Weibo posted by Russian embassy in Beijing comparing Crimea Crisis with Tiananmen Incident has attracted much attention in China

Putin’s Russia appears to be desperate for international support after US and Europe beefed up sanctions against it over its annexation of Ukra...Read More

Chinese Society | Mar 26, 2014 AM | Related China Stories:Tiananmen

Aircraft carrier

World's best grandpa builds this miniature Liaoning aircraft carrier

Compared to conventional requests such as for a piece of chocolate, an amusing toy, a mountainbike, or a thick Hongbao (envelope filled with money), ...Read More

Chinese Society | Mar 5, 2014 PM | Related China Stories:Aircraft carrier

Nail house

Changsha old man holds out in half demolished 'nail house' that stands on man-made mound in middle of construction site

In China, a "nail house" refers to a home whose owners refuse to leave and make room for new development. Developers have to elaborately co...Read More

China Economy | Feb 23, 2014 AM | Related China Stories:Nail house

Forced demolition

Qingdao property owners put up banners on residential building in protest against planned forced demolition

The conflict between property owners and developers or local governments doesn’t appear to happen in a lower tempo after Xi took over the top p...Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 22, 2014 AM | Related China Stories:Forced demolition


Elementary school in Wuhan installs bars on desks to protect pupils' eyesight

The prevalence of nearsightedness among Chinese children, juveniles and young adults has been reported as the highest in the world. A 2011 report cla...Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 22, 2014 AM | Related China Stories:Myopia

Sex workers

Wuhan students perform action art to protest against rude exposure of Dongguan sex workers

Four female students from Wuhan University based in Wuhan, Hubei province, went on a demonstration on the campus on February 14, calling for respect ...Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 15, 2014 AM | Related China Stories:Sex workers

999 roses

Hangzhou man propses marriage to his girlfriend with 999 roses folded from 200,000 yuan ($32,000) worth of 100-yuan notes

Displeased by the remark of his would-be mother-in-law during the Chinese Spring Festival reunion in his girl friend’s family, the man with the...Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 13, 2014 AM | Related China Stories:999 roses

Teapot shaped building

A cultural exhibition center is built in the shape of a clay teapot in Wuxi

China has long been called architects' paradise for displaying their talent and creativity. Wuxi,  a booming city in east China’s Jian...Read More

China Travel | Feb 12, 2014 AM | Related China Stories:Teapot shaped building

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learn Chinese online

Chinese grammar index

Chinese Grammar Index

The grammar of mandarin Chinese shares many features with other varieties of Chinese. The language almost entirely lacks inflection, so that words ty...Read More

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Chinese food & cuisine

Min Cuisine

China's Eight Major Cuisines - Min

Min Cuisine, also called Fujian Cuisine, originates from South China’s Fujian Province. The history of Min Cuisine dates back to 5000 years ago. It ... Read More

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (tcm)

TCM therapy

TCM Therapeutic Principles

Therapeutic principles are the basis for guiding clinical practice. They include biao (branch) and ben (root), that is, the principle of treating a disease by analyzing both its root cause and sympto... Read More

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China Facts & China Basic Information

Dragon Boat

Traditional Chinese Festival: Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwu Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is also known as the Duanwu Festival in China. Duanwu Festival, together with Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival forms one of the three major Chinese holidays. Since th... Read More

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