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[HugChina] Lu Xingyu,24,executive chairwoman of China-Africa Project Hope, draws national suspicion

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Posted on Wed, Aug 17, 2011 10:05 AM 02019





Internet hot figures have risen and fallen in China. The most recent hot figure is 24 years old Lu Xingyu. Her title as executive chairwoman of China-Africa Hope Project and secretary of World Chinese Business Leaders Club draws wide suspicion in China. Lu Xingyu is nicknamed Lu Meimei ,second generation of Guo Meimei by netizens.

@Xia Yancheng: [Potential hot figure Lu Xingyu] was born in 1987 and graduated from California State University. She is the executive chairwoman and secretary of China-Africa Hope Project, as well as secretary of World Chinese Business Leaders Club. She has built contact with tens of international governmental officials, hundreds of business leaders and cultural elites. She is famed as the youngest social activist in Chinese business world.

This is a post by a Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) ID Xia Yancheng and the post has been virally reposted and commented by Chinese netizens.

Internet hot figures have risen and fallen in China. The most recent hot figure is 24 years old Lu Xingyu (???), executive chairman of China-Africa Hope Project and secretary of secretary of World Chinese Business Leaders Club.

On Auguest 16, China-Africa Hope Primary School became hot search word. The low-profile project and its Fuerdai(???,second generation of the rich Chinese) administrator get the attention of the public.

Primary school for children of migrant workers were destroyed

On August 16, New Beijing Newspaper (???) reported that a primary school mainly enrolling children of poor migrant workers in Beijing was demolished by the authority. The New Hope Primary School, located in Dongsheng Town, Haidian District of Beijing rent a house as the campus but when the contract expired in August, the owner of the house, Dongsheng Science Administrative Bureau retrieved the house and demolished all the construction just days before the autumn term opening. In addition, this primary school was just one of the 30 schools for children of migrant workers that would be shut down by Beijing authority. These schools have enrollment of more than 30,000 pupils. They will be shut down because they "lack of license, property ownership, or the constructions are illegal or have safety problems".

This report draws public criticism at Beijing Education Department. Netizens criticize that Beijing intends to drive the children of migrant workers back to their hometowns hundreds or even thousands miles away from where their parents are working. Although Beijing authority later promised that all the children would be settled in a nearby public school, the parents of the children have to submit five certificates, some of which are difficult to get for the migrant workers, or pay a substantial amount of fee which they can not afford.

Some netizens then searched on internet for the word Hope Project and hoped this project could help the children. Among the search results, netizens find the China-Africa Hope Project and repost the relative information. The actual low-profile China-Africa Hope Project then quickly become everyone’s knowledge.

China-Africa Hope Project aims to invest 2 billion RMB in Africa to build 1000 schools

Some netizens are angered by the China-Africa Hope project. They ask: When millions of Chinese children have to study in shabby campus, why China donates so much money for African children?

According to a report dated June 13th by Xinhua, China-Africa Hope Project would build 1000 hope primary school in Africa and the total investment would be 2 billion RMB.

Lu Xingyu, executive chairman of China-Africa Project Hope, is only 24 years old

Shortly, some netizens find that Lu Xingyu, executive chairwoman of China-Africa Hope Project, has a real name Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) account. The ID is ???-??????, her certified identity is secretary of World Chinese Business Leaders Club, Executive Chairwoman and secretary of China-Africa Hope Project.

Relative information shows that Lu Xingyu is only 24 years old and she is the daughter of Lu Junqing ?????, executive chairman of World Eminent Chinese Business Association (WECBA).

According to introduction on the website of WECBA (, China-Africa Hope Project was co-sponsored by World Prominent Chinese Entrepreneur Association and China Youth Development Funds(CYDF).

On August 17th, CYDF responded on its offcial website: "CYDF co-sponsored China-Africa Hope Project with WECBA. CYDF and WECBA are partner for public welfare but not commercial cooperators. So far CYDF has not encouraged ordinary Chinese to donate for China-Africa Hope Project. All the money comes from donations of members of WPCEA.

But netizens are not convinced. Some netizens point out that on the articles of association of China-Africa Hope Project, it is clearly written that the money "comes from donations from members of WECBA as well as from the public".

China-Africa Hope Project Committee is like a family organization

Some netizens even suspect that WECBA is a cheating company. They make money mainly through collecting membership dues from and distributing titles to middle and small sized companies. Some netizens doubt that Lu Junqing, the Chairman of WECBA bought his degree in Preston University, which is not a regular university.

Even more, China-Africa Hope Project Committee is like a family organization. On the official website of China-Africa Hope Project, the project is co-sponsored by WECBA and CYDF, and co-organized by Tianjiu Confucian Entrepreneurs Group(????????) and Yinsai Holdings Group(????????). Lu Junqing is chairman of both WECBA and Tianjiu Confucian Entrepreneurs Group. Her daughter Lu Xingyu is executive chairwoman of WECBA. The co-chairman of WECBA, Li Yaohua(???), is the chairman of board of Yinsai Holdings Group. And his son, 19 years old Li Zhao(??), is the vice chairman of China-Africa Hope Project.

Lu Xingyu: I am capable for the job

Lu Xingyu also notices the attention and discussion of Chinese netizens. Her ID has been renamed four times so far. Her most recent name is Lu Xingyu,Go Go???????.

That Lu Xingyu changed her ID for several times in a short period enhance the skepticism of Chinese netizens. One netizen asks: Does she have a guilty conscience?

On August 17th, Lu Xingyu responded to queries from netizens. To question why her association helps African children when there are many Chinese children have no school to go, Lu Xingyu said "There is no border for love. African are good friends of Chinese. Charity is not guilty". To suspicion of her title as executive chairwoman at such a young age, she said "Executive chairwoman is responsible for building and keeping contact with outside world, and arranging activities, etc. The title is not bureaucratic post, but responsibility. I am capable for this job".

Just one month ago, Guo Meimei(???), 20 - who goes by the name "Guo Meimei Baby" - a young woman flaunting her wealth through photographs posted on Weibo, but her link to the Red Cross of China has sparked a national debate around how donations to charities are used. After Guo Meimei Incident, the credibility of Red Cross of China fell to its lowest level in decades.

Lu Xingyu has been compared to Guo Meimei and even called Lu Meimei by Chinese netizens. Both are young and very rich and have link to charity activities. What will the scandal lead to, is still to see.

[Source of this article:HugChina]

Picture description:On March 8,2011, China-Africa Hope Project was inaugurated in Tanzania. The persons present included Tanzanian President (center) and Lu Xingyu (right two).


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