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Mandarin Chinese Grammar table of contents - Learn Chinese online free.

The grammar of mandarin Chinese shares many features with other varieties of Chinese. The language almost entirely lacks inflection, so that words typically have only one grammatical form. Functions such as number in nouns or tense of verbs are expressed through word order or particles. The basic word order is subject–verb–object, and most modifiers such as adjectives and adverbs precede the words they modify. Chinese adjectives and prepositions are types of verb. And classifiers are required when using numerals or demonstratives with nouns.

Mandarin Chinese Grammar table of contents

Chapter 1:Overview of pronunciation and Pinyin romanization

Chinese structures, Pronunciation, Pinyin, Romantization, Initial, Final, Tone

Chapter 2:Chinese Syllable, meaning, and word (1)

Chinese structures, Syllable, Meaning, Word, Suffix, Abbreviation

Chapter 2:Chinese syllable, meaning, and word (2)

Chinese structures, Syllable, Meaning, Word, Tone change

Chapter 2:Chinese Syllable, meaning, and word (3)

Chinese structures,Syllable,Meaning,Word,Foreign words

Chapter 3:The Chinese writing system:an overview

Chinese Structure,Writing system,Character,Radical,Phonetic,Classi?cation of characters,Stroke order

Chapter 4:Phrase order in the Mandarin sentence

Chinese structure,Phrase order,Prepositional phrase

Chapter 5:Chinese Nouns

Chinese structures,Noun,Common nouns,Pronoun,Reflexive pronoun

Chapter 6:Chinese numbers (1) Chinese structures,numbers,Formal characters for numbers, Ordinal numbers,Estimates

Chapter 6:Chinese numbers (2) Chinese structures,numbers,Fractions,Decimals,Lucky numbers,Unlucky numbers

Chapter 7:Speci?ers and demonstratives in Chinese

Chinese structures,Specifier,Demonstrative,?,?,?

Chapter 8: Chinese Classifiers

Chinese structures,Classifier,Measure words,Chinese Money,Chinese Prices,?

Chapter 9:Noun phrases in Chinese

Chinese structures,Noun phrase,Modifier

Chapter 10: Chinese Adjectival verbs

Chinese structures,Adjectival verb

Chapter 11: Chinese Stative verbs

Chinese structures,Stative verb,?,?,?,?,?

Chapter 12: Modal verbs

Chinese structures,Modal verb,?,?,??,??,??,??,??

Chapter 13: Action verbs

Chinese structures,Action verb,Open-ended,Change-of-state

Chapter 14: Prepositions and prepositional phrases

Chinese structures,Preposition,prepositional phrase

Chapter 15: Chinese Adverbs

Chinese structures,Adverb,?,?,?,?,?,?,??

Chapter 16: Chinese Conjunctions

Chinese structures,Conjunction,connecting word,?,?,?,?,??,??

Chapter 17: The passive

Chinese structures,The passive,?,?,?,?,?

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