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Recently three private anti-corruption websites, all named similar to I have offered a bribe,have been established in China. All the websites are products of inspiration from Indian anti-corruption website One founder thinks the websites will be supported by Chinese government, but many Chinese worry about the fate of these websites.

June 12, 2011, Hangzhou – Early this month a report that an Indian anti-corruption website successfully helped Indian government to punish several corrupted offcials was widely circulated in Chinese media. The success of the Indian anti-corruption website inspired Chinese hating corruption. So far,three similar Chinese websites have been established. They are named respectively Woxinghuile(我行贿了),Woxinghuila(我行贿啦), Wohuilule(我贿赂了). All the Chinese names have the same meaning as I have offered a bribe. Shortly after the creation of the websites, a lot of Chinese netizens have been attracted to visit and write posts disclosing their bribing stories. The popularity of these websites appear to rise even higher.

The founder of the website Woxinghuile, nicknamed Xiaoxiaosheng (笑笑生) said that the indian anti-corruption website offered him the inspiration to establish his website and that he was deeply moved by the words of the owner of the Indian website that “I believe the strength of people can prevent corruption from spreading across the country” . “The indian website accumulated more than 10,000 pieces of corruption cases within less than a year and helped the Indian government to punish more than 20 officials. The internet anti-corruption campaign has actually a long history in China. For example, Chinese official Han Feng from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was punished after his diary recording his sexual relationship with several female officials had been disclosed firstly on internet. But most of the corruption scandals are distributed among many kinds of websites or forums. There is a lack of specific websites dedicated to disclosing corruption in China. So I created my website”, Xiaoxiaosheng said.

“After the website went online, I only conducted promotional activities through my Weibo (Chinese twitter) account. To my surprise, the website is flattered by enthusiastic netizens immediately. Just the second day my website recorded 50,000 visitors. It is such a large traffic that my server can not cope with. Many more visitors tried to visit but failed.” Xiaoxiaosheng said.

For concerns how the web owner will prevent “rumors”, “slanders” and "illegal information" from spreading from his website, Xiaoxiaosheng admitted that he has no good measures at the moment. But he indicated that his website explicitly requires netizens not to mention the exact name of those bribed. “But with this forum term, the problems the netizens disclose will be more difficult to resolve.” Xiaoxiaosheng added,”From the aspect of the website, we have no power and capability to verify those disclosed problems, but if the certain government departments provide corresponding abutment channel, our website will be able to provide a channel to the netizens and submit the problems disclosed to certain government departments.”

At the moment, many netizens worry that these private anti-corruption websites will be banned or pronounced illegal sooner or later. Xiaoxiaosheng responded,”I think our government will support us. Anti-corruption is also requirement of the party and people. The aim is that our nation and society will be better developed and constructed. The Indian minister of transportation has become a fan of the Indian anti-corruption website, then, why our Chinese anti-corruption struggle can not grow under the sunshine?”

But still many Chinese are skeptical of the fate of his website. Following are some comments of the news from Chinese portal

The founders of the websites do not want to live any longer? The national conditions are different! (我们是接班人(We are successors))

Haha, the websites will be sure to be closed within this month!!!(欲言不能(I want to say but can not))

Please be ready to be arrested in other provinces, or be diagnosed to suffer from mental disorder. I write this post as testimony for my prophesy. (鲁迅笔下国人 (Chinese as described by Luxun))

Support! Support! Anti-corruption campaign requires strength of the people!(普通老百姓(Ordinary civilian))

Updated on June 22, 2011: The websites were all closed according to a report from Washingtonpost.

[Source of this article:HugChina]

Picture description:Homepage of Chinese anti-corruption website Wohuilule (我贿赂了,I have paid a bribe), modeled after Indian website


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