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I can speak mandarin with the standard pronunciation, worked as a teacher for 2 years. Previous and present students are from Korea, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, Singapore, India, Spain, Canada, Japan, England and America, etc. I offer Chinese class by one on one, also group class or corporation training according to the learners’ needs.

I arranged tailor-made Chinese classes for learners in different levels. Many clients have kept studying with me for one year or more than one year. Lots of students still continue their Chinese with me when they come back to China again .I am confident to say that I can point out what problems the Chinese learners have.

So I always talk about the familiar mistakes with them in order to avoid the ordinary errors when they speak and write. They have obvious improvement after having the classes with me. Many students thought some sentences in the book were not practical in their life .So we should learn to speak contemporary word and sentences, not as those ancient people. Come to me and take a lesson with the following contact for the practical Chinese.


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