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Posted on Sun, Dec 21, 2014 19:33 PM 0307



 Hi everyone, I am a native Mandarin tutor and full of passion and patient. My major is English & International Trade. In spite of Chinese was not my major, my Mandarin is perfect. Also, I have national certification of Mandarin. So you can see from this how good my Mandarin is. If you want to learn idiomatic Chinese, Chinese culture, Chinese history or run business in China, I can help you with these. I have been a tutor for about 4 years during my college study. I was an experienced tutor and had many foreign friends who learned Chinese as their second language, so I can tell you how to learn Chinese efficiently. I can offer flexible time in schedule and teaching location, efficient teaching but competitive charge. If you are a native English speaker and would like to help me with my English or you want to know a Chinese friend, we can trade our classes.

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