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 At Mandarin morning language center, we only teach Mandarin and we teach Mandarin with passion! We are committed to ensuring that EVERY learner has the best chance to succeed in learning Mandarin and experiencing the culture. We guarantee the results because of the following advantages we have over other schools:

• Effective Teaching & Learning: The curriculum incorporates a thorough understanding of second language learning techniques. We also take into account each student’s individual needs and we use varied teaching strategies to encourage practice and to make learning more interesting and fun.

• Highly Qualified Staff: Our high standards begin with our staff. All of our Mandarin teachers are certified teachers from mainland China, who have extensive experience in teaching different age groups. In hiring, we also give preference to qualified teachers who have previous experience teaching Mandarin as a second language.

• Practical Materials: We collaborate with overseas educators and educational publishers to develop Mandarin learning materials that are especially targeted to overseas Mandarin learners and foreigners who are interested in learning Mandarin as a second language. We also develop a lot of in-house supplementary materials to meet our students’ unique needs.

• Strong Support/Community Connection: We support students’ learning with a 24 hr hotline/email, free language exchange partners, cultural immersion experiences to ensure familiarity with the culture while learning Mandarin.

Contact: Mandarin Morning



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