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Posted on Sun, Nov 16, 2014 19:57 PM 0401



 For beginners you'll learn many useful Chinese expressions like greeting, enquiry, etc.

I'll teach you how to say in Chinese.

For example,” good morning" ???



"thank you"??

"Where is ABC Street?"ABC???????

"May you write it down for me?"????????????

"Can you take me to ABC Street?"??????ABC???

"How much is it?"???????

"What's your cellophane number?"?????????????

"I'll contact you later"????????

"What's your name?"????????

"Do you speak English?"???????

"My name is Albert"?????Albert

"I'll meet you in ABC Street, OK?"??????ABC????

"What's it?"?????

"It's very good. I like."?????,???

And many other phrases, some specific business terms.....You may repeat to say to people and memories quickly.

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