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[Original] Let your mandarin skills get improved quickly!

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Posted on Tue, Sep 23, 2014 21:03 PM 0522



 I have been teaching and tutoring for over 3 years now and I still love every minute of it. Not only are my classes and sessions full of information and key points to focus on for enrichment, but I also try to create a friendly and fun environment for my students. My students generally like my classes and the way I teach. It is in my pride to know that our time together as a teacher-student lead to your success which is you can speak beautiful, fluent mandarin Chinese with my help. Thank you so much for your consideration as your tutor, it is a genuine compliment.

Mandarin course description:

*Essential Phonics Basic - Pinyin Scheme for Mandarin Phonetic Alphabet

*Communication-oriented Vocabulary Building and Speaking Skill Exercising with useful sentence format

*Practical Situational Dialogue with grammar and usage for life or work.

*Optional Simplified and/or Traditional Chinese character

*Advanced Speaking Reading Writing and Essay Composition Guide with rhetorical/styled features for advanced level students

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