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As one of the largest economic countries in the world, China gains more and more attention from the world. Going through economic recession, China still keep the high economic growth. It prosperous economy and abundant working opportunities has attracted more and more foreigner to develop in China.

When you plan to try your luck in China, too. You will encounter many difficulties. The first one is visa. The second one is language. The third one is expense. After considering these reality, at last, you may give up your good wish.

We, YCC Shanghai, are specialized to solve these problems for you.

Before you come to China, we help you prepare real and legal documents to help you obtain a visa.

After you come, we have professional teachers in the Shanghai Maritime University to teach you mandarin/Chinese in small group at reasonable price.

When you finish you courses, we recommend you to the big enterprises in Shanghai.

So if you have interest, you can send email to me at or visit our website for detailed information.


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