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 Except a professional Chinese language program, Mandarin Garden also offer different activities and classes in Chinese culture, tradition, music, Calligraphy, Chinese Drawing, Taijiquan (Martial Art), Survey of China, Contemporary Chinese Literature, Guzheng (Chinese Instrument)… etc.

At the same time, Mandairn Garden provides an HSK exam center and the student do not need to attend other institute for the exams, student also have full opportunity to practice all the exam parts (reading, writing and listening) as well as to improve their ability. Promise 90% pass rate if you take HSK Lessons (Reading, Grammar, Listening, Comprehensive Lessons) provided from the school.

Shanghai city is the perfect place to learn Chinese language at the best level, it’s the place where you can practice standard Mandarin all the time and in every life part. Mandairn Garden provide the long teaching experience with the best environment and study program to achieve the high level of language learning for student.

To apply for Chinese language studies the applicants should be foreign citizens over 4 years old and in good health.

1. Registry fee: 0 yuan RMB

2. Completed Mandarin Garden International Student Application Form

3. Insurance fee 0 Yuan/ semester

4. The study fees as follows : From 68 Yuan/ lesson for Group class and From 118 Yuan/ lesson for VIP private class.

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Free Hot line:400-600-2922

Tel: 0086-021-52589881


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