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[Original] Break the language barrier in Shanghai!!!

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Posted on Fri, Mar 28, 2014 00:05 AM 0628





 It’s really a fact that many foreign friends come to China, they are confused about Chinese language. At first , they just feel curious and it doesn’t matter. However, for a long time, you will find it hinders your development in China, if you plan to stay here.

How should you do? Make more Chinese friends and talk with them from time to time. That is really a good solution. Nevertheless, your friends may work and want to be relaxed after all day’s tired work. Moreover, they also come from different locations in this nation. How can you make sure what they teach you is accurate Chinese?

If you want to find a Chinese friend to teach you some Chinese, I’d like to . If you want to find a Chinese teacher and reduce cost, which I recommend, I can help you.

So if you have any questions, contact me at
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