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 How to learn Chinese? Even if you are Chinese people, you still have trouble in how to learn Chinese. As we all known, the formation of modern Chinese is closely connected with the national essence, so learning Chinese well is not simple speaking, listening and writing. Learning Chinese seems like we learned to walk when we was childhood, we cannot walk by ourselves after fall down again and again without our parents’ instruction; we cannot increase knowledge year after year without our teachers’ guidance. It is the same as learning Chinese by foreigners. Learning Chinese just by your own hardworking and persistence, you can not get the wanted result at the end. Study need everyone’s independence, but the most important thing is someone’s orientation at the beginning. Mandaringarden is the beacon light on the sea, it can give you the right direction and help you learn Chinese in a most effective way. By the way, you can make more friends from other countries in Mandaringarden.

If you want learn Chinese in an interesting environment and an available way ,please contact us!

By e-mail: winnie@mandaringarden.orgBy phone: 021-52589881Or you can come to us straightly: 3/F No. 1358 West Yan'an Rd,Shanghai,ChinaAnd you can also see us by website:


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Annie nan
 Chinese is not easy, anyway I mean it is much harder than learnning English, the first thing I need to do is to find a professional Chinese teacher right? Do you have any suggestion? My friend's is a beautiful young lady from hanbridgemandarin, young but experienced, so lucky to have a teacher like her LOL...

Learn native Chinese with
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