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[HugChina] Pictures Depicting Facial Expressions of Bus Passengers Gain Popularity in China

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Posted on Sun, May 15, 2011 03:20 AM 01584





Recently, a group of pictures depicting facial expressions of bus passengers gain high popularity on Chinese internet. Some bare teeth and laugh, some shout, some curse, some feel bothered, some feel tortured, all these QQ (a popular Chinese instant messaging tool) expressions vividly depict various states of passengers.

The attached picture titled “Wuhan Bus Passengers Facial Expressions Version 2.0” is designed by a Wuhan people. Wuhan is capital city of central China’s Hubei Province. The words the passengers say are in Wuhan dialect, a little different from mandarin Chinese, and some of the words are dirty Chinese. Following is the translation of what the passengers say:

??,????????Fuck, it keeps driving ahead!

?K???????????: I fuck, do you see just now I bumped over the seat?

??????????????!: Son of bitch, god save me that I have a seat, otherwise I can die!

??ing????????????????????????!: Weiboing (twittering): Today I have been almost smothered to death in the bus, what is more, a next-seat freak keeps watching me!

??????????: Driver, stop for a while, someone wants to get off.

???????: Those do not get off change a place to stand, OK?

??????: Fucking your mom, squeeze to become a ghost!

?????????: Driver, turn on the air conditioner for a while.

????: I am vomiting!

XX????????????: Anybody is getting off at XX station? If no, we will leave now.

????????????????????: Go inside, inside is empty, why fucking all squeeze to the door!

???????????????: I am scared! So many people! I prefer to waiting for the next bus.

???????????????????????????Unbelievable! When I wait for the bus at the real, it stops at the front; when I wait at the front, it stops at the back!

???????????: Damn it, I run so hard that sweat trickles down the face!

???????????????: Notice: The bus stop board is located 50 meters ahead.

????????: Driver, open the door, OK?

????????2.0? by ??? Wuhan Bus Passengers Facial Expressions Version 2.0 designed by Squeezing-bus-group

Early May of 2011, a group of “Bus passengers Facial Expressions Pictures” are wildly circulating in Chinese internet. The pictures show Passengers facial expressions are different on different places inside and outside of crowded public bus. When a bus arrives at a stop, passengers off the bus cannot get on the bus while those on bus cannot get off. The crowded bus make passengers show different looks and their words are also different.

Some passengers on seats are sleeping, some sit on the sidelines, some show bare teeth and laugh, while others are purple with rage. Most passengers in passage way show the state of dizziness and being tortured.

Driver is leisurely smoking, Passengers off the bus cannot squeeze into bus and feel being tortured, and some struggle to squeeze onto the bus, while others are squeezed flat and embarrassed. The picture depicts passengers various expressions at rush hour in cities.

Some pictures also show what the passengers say inside and outside of crowded bus. Many of the passengers seem to be very annoyed and bothered to say dirty Chinese. National cursing is widely heard.

These pictures have gained high popularity among Chinese netizen.Many netizens repost the pictures in different forums, blogs and twitters.

And discussion about this phenomenon is intense on the internet. Many attribute the crowding of busses and pains of passengers to lack of public transportation tools, weak public transportation system, and poor public transportation management of the government.Bus passengers can not afford and hope at least bus companies can offer more buses.

After the first “Bus passengers Facial Expressions Picture”, Chinese netizens also design new versions of bus passengers facial expressions pictures, and other public transport pictures like “Subway Passengers Expressions” “Spring Festival Train Passengers Expression Picture” and so on.

[Source of this article:HugChina]

Picture description:The most wildly circulating Facial Expressions Picture of Wuhan Bus Passengers. The first bus passengers facial expressions picture is designed by a Wuhan people.


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