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Chinese language is very interesting! Besides the Chinese characters, Chinese culture, Chinese idioms are also one of the charming parts of Chinese language? How many Chinese idioms do you know? Do you know about the Chinese idiom“桃李不言,下自成蹊”? This idiom means peaches and plums do not have to talk, yet the world beats a path to them.. What’s the meaning of this idiom? Let’s read the story of this idiom.

During the western han dynasty(206 b.c.- a.d.24)period, there was a very famous general whose name was Li Guang. He was very brave and skillful in battle, and he made many brilliant achievements in war. He was deeply loved and esteemed by the officers. Although he held a high post, commanding a big army, and had rendered outstanding service in defending the county, he was not only polite and amiable, but also shared weal and woe with the soldiers. Whenever gifts were bestowed to him by the imperial government, he always distributed the gifts to his officers and soldiers. He endured the torments of hunger and thirst as the soldiers did when food and water were in short supply. During the battles, he charged at the head of his army, giving soldiers advanced orders , and never fearing death. Li Guang is the big hero in everyone’s mind.

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