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[Original] Mandarin school reviews is important!

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Posted on Wed, Dec 11, 2013 00:55 AM 0339





 Nowadays, more and more Mandarin schools appear here and there. When you want to learn Chinese, How can you choose the Mandarin schools? In fact, Mandarin school reviews is an important factor when you choosing good Chinese learning school. You can know about the school’s reviews by looking at other Chinese learner’s reviews. And you can also find out the Mandarin school reviews by attending some activities which are hosted by Chinese learning schools. Following was the calligraphy activity which is hosted by Mandarin Garden.

On Wednesday November 13th, the cultural activities which called "regular script characters of calligraphy" were hosted by Mandarin Garden. Many foreign students participated in this cultural activity. The teacher explained the development and evolution of Chinese calligraphy process. A lot of interesting things about Chinese calligraphy were showed, such as Tang Dynasty calligraphy, the characteristics of the late Tang Dynasty, Liu's script and other regular script font style. Then, under the guidance of a teacher, every participant tried to practice Chinese calligraphy. Some students offered a variety of problems, and the teacher answered the questions patiently. When the practice came to the end, students came up with their own works, One of the foreign students hold the curt Chinese said: "teacher, How I write?" The teacher quipped: "sitting in the Pakistan students, you write the best!" The classroom was filled with laughter.

Mandarin Garden have many students, and they always give high praise for the school and teaching. Mandarin Garden has a lot of great Mandarin school reviews. If you are considering to attend a Chinese learning school, You are always welcome in Mandarin Garden. You can contact us

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