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[Original] How to Learn Chinese? Feel Chinese Culture!

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How to learn Chinese? To learn Chinese, it is important to get to know about China first. As we know, Chinese is one of the most beautiful languages all over the world. The difference between Chinese words and other languages is that Chinese words are square. Traditional Chinese culture is rich, such as Chinese calligraphy, painting, Tai Chi, cooking Chinese food, mahjong and so on. Someone says that Chinese is one of the most difficult languages, because of its spelling and pronunciation, especially for foreigners. But there are many ways to solve these problems.

How to learn Chinese? The language environment is very important. And it is good for improving Chinese speaking by making more Chinese friends. Mandarin Garden is an international and mandarin Chinese training organization which is a leading Mandarin-learning institute in Shanghai that aims to create a global exchange of international Chinese and Chinese culture. And the Chinese teachers in Mandarin Garden are not only certified but also pleased to make friends with students. No matter you want to find a nice Chinese speaking environment or you want to learn Chinese in a relaxing place with some friendly teachers, You can find anything you want in Mandarin Garden. What’s more, Mandarin Garden can also offer six months to one year students visa for overseas students.

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