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[Original] Learn Chinese in China, Try to make friends~

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Posted on Thu, Dec 5, 2013 20:15 PM 0408





 How to learn Chinese in china? Don’t be afraid, just come to China and find some nice people to communicate with them. You can make friends with Chinese teachers. The Chinese word for friend (pengyou, ??) includes two moon characters (?) side by side. Only through the passage of time, and with the passage of each moon, can a friendship be built. MandarinGarden always strives to provide an educational environment that leads to lifelong friendships. Our teachers are not only having experienced and professional to ensure a constantly high quality of teaching, but also be pleasure to make friends with students. If you want to learn Chinese in a friendly and relaxing environment, don’t be hesitate, just join us!

If you want to learn Chinese in china ,and you are worried about how to get the VISA to China, here is a good news ! MandarinGarden specifically initiates the free visa service for the foreign friends who are studying and working in Shanghai. If you satisfy the dealing conditions(a few countries aren't divide into the range of admissibility, about the detail need to consult the client service staffs of MandarinGarden), and to register a certain amount of the mandarin courses in MandarinGarden, MandarinGarden will present with X visa for 180 days.

Heart is not as good as action, Go to the official website of MandarinGarden and have an enquiry with our customer service!


phone: 021-52589881

Or you come to us straightly: 3/F No. 1358 West Yan'an Rd,Shanghai,China

And you can also see us by website:

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