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[Original] Find yourself by ancient arts in MandarinGarden.

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Posted on Sun, Nov 24, 2013 23:42 PM 0543



 “?????” in 2nd chaper of ?Laozi?means the wise would not get conceited even they made great contributions. In Chinese history, especially in the war period, there are always some such as get resigned after they helped to make the country get united again and people don’t need to die in battles anymore. They are what Laozi called “?????”. When the governor need to gather all the power in his hands, perhaps these outstanding people are not useful but dangerous. It’s time to get retreat.

The ancient arts could help you with that and that’s why they have been popular for thousands of years I suppose. There are different kinds of courses in MandarinGarden such as calligraphy, weiqi and also some folk-customs help you to understand the Chinese culture. These courses would be regularly updated in our school website. Just come and learn things your heart really needs. Call us and appoint the courses you like.

9:00-12:00am Image and etiquette December 7, 2013

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