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Posted on Thu, Nov 21, 2013 23:26 PM 0666





 Everything are changing and you can’t seize, what you could control is only yourself. Find it, love it and only in this way you could live your own, believe me if you make it, there would be only joy in your life and you wouldn’t be easily affected by the outside world. Pleasure, anger, sorrow, joy?what changes from outside or by others cannot harm you anymore. Only a child could do this, actually what you are is just a child and what you do is just to enjoy yourself. And only when this happen, could people around you enjoy themselves too. Believe me, there is no other way out. Thus the flow of energy would be perfect, even everything you need would come automatically. Just like what Laozi said 2000 years before, “???????????????????????????????????????????????????????”

This is April from MandarinGarden. I like ancient poems, guqin, calligraphy, majored in history and i like ancient philosophy like taolism, laozi, zhuangzi and now I m learning buddism. Now I teach Chinese in MandarinGarden and if you want to learn mandarin or have any questions about Chinese culture or just want to find someone to chat about art, just contact me online. Wish everyone of you good luck in shanghai ! :) ?????

My qq: 465484561


Skype: ubfd88



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