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[HugChina] Police cracks internet mistress agency, price of college girls marked clearly

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Posted on Sat, May 14, 2011 04:14 AM 03455





Recently some 'College girl Ernai agency' or mistress agency for college girls has been found advertising on internet. Netizens are furious for moral deterioration.

May 14, 2011, Beijing – Recently some "College girl Ernai agency" (Chinese:????????) or mistress agency for college girls has been found advertising on internet. The agency alleges it is general representative for respective famous universities and its business covers almost all universities in Beijing and Shanghai. The agency even has a detailed pricelist for Bao Ernai (???, literally: cohabiting and financially supporting girls) from respective universities.

“Totally eye-popping!”, “Is it progress or grief of this society”? A tread triggers intense debate among netizens. Not so long ago, police of Beijing cracked this criminal case. The mysterious Mr. Chen acting as an agent has been detained.

College girls are marked at clear price by the “Mistress agency”

A thread telling “Beijing sees mistress agency for introducing university girl students and the price is between 100,000 to 650,000 RMB” has been wildly circulating on internet and quickly become hot topic among Chinese netizens.

A reporter from “Chinese internet affairs” gets to know after investigation that these threads have been posted as pictures,on one of which a business card and an A4 pricelist is pinched together. On the business card it is written: General agency for Shanghai colleges and the contact person is “Student Ding, grade 2007 of Shanghai Financial University”. The “student Ding’ also leaves his mobilephone number and email address, besides specifically reminding potential customers “Contact only if you are serious”.

On the A4 pricelist, universities girl students are marked at clear price. The universities include Shanghai Drama Academy, Shanghai Normal University and other ten colleges of Shanghai. The price is from 20 thousand to up to several hundred thousand RMB depending on which universities the girls are from.

In addition, “Student Ding” write on the pricelist the following statements: The girl students will show their student ID card and will, on request, take examinations on subjects such as higher mathematics, college English band 4,band six ,oral English, and translation skills, etc. The certificates showed by student girls can be verified on certain website run by Chinese Ministry of Education.

On another thread, the content is similar, only the title is changed to “General agency for Beijing colleges” and the contact person changed to “Mr. Chen from Foreign Language College of Beijing Polytechnic University”. On the pricelist, student girls from 14 universities and art academies of Beijing, including Beijing University, Tsinghua University, People’s University of China, are marked at price up to 650,000 RMB. For cohabiting and financially supporting a Tsinghua student girl, one has to pay 400,000 to 600,000 a year. For a student girl from Chinese Drama Academy, the cost is 450,000 to 650,000 RMB a year.

“Rubbish! Shameless”! Netizen “Chaojiwudidingdingdong(???????)” comments. Netizen “City Hunter” expresses “unable to say anything”. Netizen “thgh’ says “Why the current Chinese aren’t influenced by the five-thousand-year Chinese civilization?”.

Police cracked the mistress agency

“In March of this year, during one routine internet patrolling, we found these posts”, Beijing police Yang Jianhua in charge of this case told reporter, “the author of the threads calls himself college teacher. If the situation is true that teacher introduces his girl students to be Ernai or mistress, it seems to be morally bankruptcy”!

Beijing police first investigated the 14 universities mentioned in the threads and did not find the so called Mr. Chen.

In a clip taken by Beijing police in secretly, the Mr. Chen, middle aged, was wearing glasses. Mr. Chen said that his clients were all successful men. “The Bao Ernai price is 50,000 to 650,000 RMB per year, the exact price will be negotiated when you both meet each other”.

After investigation, police tracked down the real identity and location of the “Mr. Chen”. The police has also been monitoring around his location but did not found anybody ever contacted him.

On April 1, Beijing police summoned the Mr. Chen for interrogation. Mr. Chen initially denied he posted the threads and insisted that he was framed. When asked why he met with the "applicants", he said “I met with them just for making friends and I want to find someone to marry”.

According to Beijing police, Mr. Chen is 45 years old, devoiced and is not employed presently in Beijing.

At the moment, Mr. Chen is detained and fined by police for acting as a pimp. During the case investigation, Beijing police have not found any university student girl participates in a real deal.

Ernai becomes popular internet jargon

Through internet search, reporter finds not only internet posts of college girl Ernai agency, but also websites of Ernai agency. Although in these websites, there is only some news report about Ernai without any real deal, it is worth thinking over in view of the situation that information about Ernai is so rampant nowadays.

“Sisters! Take notice! Do not fall in a trap! I was cheated to become an Ernai in the name of art and entertainment brokerage”, a student girl in a university of Changchun posted her experience to remind student girls of the risk. During last several years, reports are not seldom telling that some websites and agencies make money-for-sex deal secretly in the name of helping girls to enter entertainment circle.

Chinese mistresses, better known as “ernai” or “second wives” (literally, “second breast”), are those women kept in nice apartments and luxury goods by married lovers – mostly wealthy businessmen and officials but, increasingly, by men at every level of society. Bao Ernai is also explained as cohabiting and financially supporting girls for certain period of time.

Picture description:A business card of the mistress (??) and fancymen (??) agency and the price list for Ernai coming from university girls are pinched together. On the business card, the "Student Ding" from Grade 2007 of Shanghai Financial University" alleges to be general representative for respective Shanghai college"


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