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[Original] Patient Mandarin teacher available !

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Posted on Thu, Nov 21, 2013 00:54 AM 0326





 This world is getting crazy, we need to build our own inner world, not just chasing luxuries which can’t make you really happy. Don’t move with the world too fast, everyone need their inner world to enjoy life, not consuming your power. That’s just waste of time, not life. Make life slowly and look into yourself. That’s where you really are. And you could be really strong when you connect yourself, the source of power.

This is April from MandarinGarden. I like ancient poems, guqin, calligraphy, majored in history and i like ancient philosophy like taolism, laozi, zhuangzi and now I m learning buddism. Now I teach Chinese in MandarinGarden and if you want to learn mandarin or have any questions about Chinese culture or just want to find someone to chat about art, just contact me online. Wish everyone of you good luck in shanghai ! :) ?????

My qq: 465484561


Skype: ubfd88



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