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  “不自见,故明;不自是,故彰;不自伐 ,故有功;不自矜,故长。” A man could has his honour when he doesn’t take it for granted, could highlights his merit only when he is not self-righteous, could be considered rendered great service only when he is not arrogant of what he did.

“夫唯不争,故天下莫能与之争。” The universe is composed of rates and you get what you give actually. So you are the one who consider everything that come to you. This becomes the law of the universe: The highest giving brings the highest getting. That’s what contains in this sentence: only when you don’t fight for anything, only when you reach this realm that no one could compete with you. That need you cultivate your morality and gradually could you reach this realm and understand what Laozi wanna express in this chapter. You could learn to find these truth by yourself through culture courses of MandarinGarden. In our school, you could learn things about the confucian culture like zither, weiqi, calligraphy and painting and some folk-custom course would also help you to understand Chinese.

3:45PM----4:30PM weiqi course November 13, 2013

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