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 Mahjong,one of the most popular games in China, also played a very important role in interpersonal and communication in our society. Like other culture activities, it also has a long history in China. In MandarinGarden, You could get to know this ancient and interesting game and learn how to play it with others. Besides this, we also have other free interesting courses such as weiqi, calligraphy and Chinese knot regularly updated in this website. Our school provide many kinds of free Chinese culture activities and courses for you to get to know Chinese tradition. Just call and appoint the courses you are interested.

1:00PM----3:00PM November 22, 2013

Please call: 0086-021- 52589881 or 0086-400 600 2922

Floor 1th,Unit B,Phoenix-Mansion No.18 Huangyang Road,Shanghai


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