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[Original] Customized HSK preparation Course in shanghai

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 It was recorded that in chunqiu period(ch?n qi? ????,770-476 BC), there was a beauty called xishi in Yue kingdom, she was so pretty that even every action was elegant. Therefore, many girls copied her clothing and movements. Someday xishi got a heart attrack . she frowned when went out to wash clothes , with another hand clutching her chest. But in others, she looked more beautiful . There was a neighbour , the ugly dongshi who envied xishi and copied her movements, also frowned and doubled over , clutching her chest. But this made her more ugly.

Later, this idiom came to be used to indicate improper imitation that produces the reverse effect.

Course Features

- The most effective and flexible way to learn Chinese Culture, Character, Business or HSK.

- Preferred class schedule and location

- Customized learning proposal

- Only focus on your needs

- Learning pace and content are both in accordance with your requests

- 55 minutes per lesson including 10 minutes break

Expiry Date

Student must finish a course within a certain number of weeks after their start date. 50 lesson: 20 weeks; 100 lessons: 30 weeks; 150 lessons: 40 weeks; 200+ lessons: 60 weeks. Students that fail to complete their courses within the expiry date will be deemed to waive their remaining lessons and no lesson transfer or refund will be available.

If you want to register for a course, or have any questions concerning courses, locations, accommodation or payment:

Please email,

Please call? 0086-021-52589881 or 0086-400 600 2922



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